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Authentic leadership

No description

Kelsea Putman

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of Authentic leadership

Authentic leadership
By: Kelsea Putman
one of the newest areas of leadership research
multiple definitions based on different viewpoints
multiple approaches- practical and theoretical
the word authentic comes from the Greek roots that mean "on its own authority"
"To thy own self be true" - Polonius, Hamlet

*5 common points throughout all the articles*
Mission Driven
Independent of Style
based on purpose, values, moral and ethical perspective
who they "are" sets them apart more than what they "do"
should inspire greater authenticity in those you lead, not a copy of your style
Self-Aware & Genuine
share their real self
don't hide mistakes or weaknesses
understand that being self-aware is a never ending process
don't need to prove their superiority
put the vision, mission, and goals of the organization ahead of their own self interests
express the bigger picture clearly to followers
grow and nurture other leaders and future leaders
listen with the intent to see the other person's perspective
affirm the work of their followers
words of gratitude rarely, if ever, go unappreciated
active listening and acknowledgement can create a pathway towards collaboration
leadership isn't about the leader; it's about those being led
focus on long-term prosperity of many
positive developmental interactions between leaders and followers
leadership is a collective process and followers play a vital role in the outcomes, good or bad
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