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Graphics Idea Generation

No description

Ripley Fines

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Graphics Idea Generation

idea generation
Exam Unit 2
Develop ideas and inspirations for the exam questions. Add visual response to written mind map
You have all:
co-operated with your peers
come up with new written and visual ideas
experimented with drawing techniques and media
selected an exam question for further investigation
what next?

Draw with different media; charcoal, pen, pencil.
Choose one exam question for investigation
Work collaboratively with peers
What idea generation techniques or methods do you use?

When do your ideas usually come to you?
Add visual response to mind map
Develop ideas - draw thumbnails from your written mind map. Experiment; draw in;
pen - continous line, pen - not looking at page ink - line, left hand charcoal- negative space

Take 36 plus photographs of primary sources related to one of the questions
Collect objects where possible
Print out and bring photos to
Friday 28th Feb
Task 1: In the group mind map ideas of photos for each question
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