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No description

Jody Urbas

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of Monologue

Monologue: a part of a drama in which a single actor speaks alone; soliloquy.
Learn and apply new theatre terminology
Demonstrate improvisation skills through participation in improvisation games and contribute ideas in spontaneous scenes, while maintaining a character.
Create a professional theatre resume
Select a monologue based on specific criteria
The components of an audition
Be yourself
Wear something that will make you memorable.
Be sure the director knows your name.
Appear confident.
Give the director your resume.
Show your acting flexibility.
Show a character that is different than yourself.
Make sure that you are showing a well rounded defined character.
A Resume/Headshot

Avoid making a resume larger that 8.5 x 11. If possible stick to the fundamental size of one page resume.
Your resume should be well readable by others, so take care of the appropriate font size and type.
Make sure the headshot shows your face.
If possible include a headshot that is better or more glamorous.
The contact information should be up-to-date.
Create an email address just for your acting resume.
Emphasize on your education and training to add strength to your resume.
Choosing a Monologue
Choose a monologue that is equal to the allotted time for your audition. These vary by audition, but typically you will have 1-2 min to audition.
If your monologue is less than 30 seconds the maximum grade you can earn is a D

If your monologue is more than 30 sec. the maximum grade you can earn is a C

If your monolgue is more than 45 sec.. the maximum grade you can earn is a B

If your monologue is more than 1 min 15 sec. the maximum grade you can earn is a A

Select material that makes you feel.
If your monologue is too long it is ok to edit… just be careful to keep all important material.
Look for a monologue where your character goes through some kind of emotional change. What matters is that you can do this in a believable way.
Pick something that not only shows your strengths but also your versatility as an actor.
Think memorable.

My expectations
You must choose a monologue where the character is very different than who you are.
You must choose a monologue of which your parents would approve.
Everyone in the class must do a different monologue.

Today we will
Avoid lying about your experience or make up something just to fill in the skills area. or you might end up like Joey
What should she have done differently?

How to Slate
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