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city of bones

No description

kendall Hlewicki

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of city of bones

City of Bones Clary Fray- one of the main characters. She is fifteen years old, very short, has bright red hair, and green eyes. She lives with her mother in an apartment in New York City.
Jace Wayland- the other main character. He is sixteen years old, he has blonde hair, and gold eyes. At a young age his father died so he was sent to live with the Lightwood's in the Institute.
Simon Lewis- He has been Clary's best friend for the past ten years. he has dark brown hair and brown eyes.
Isabelle Lightwood- Jace's almost sister (they grew up together). She is tall, has black hair, and black eyes. She lives in the Institute along with Jace, Alec, and her parents.
Alec Lightwood- Isabelle's brother by birth and Jace's brother in spirit. He is also Jace's best friend. He has black hair and blue eyes.
Jocelyn Fray- Clary's mother. She is often called beautiful, graceful, and elegant. She has red hair like Clary, and bright green eyes. Characters Setting Pandemonium- a club in New York. This is where the book begins. It is also where Clary meets Isabelle, Jace, and Alec. she also realises she can see things Simon can't.
Clary's Apartment building- This is where Clary battles her first demon, she also battles a forsaken warrior, the firdt of three portals are here, and she, Alec, Jace, Isabelle, and Simon battle a greater demon.
The Institute_ Jace, Alec, Isabelle, and Max's home. It is a shelter for hundreds of Shadowhunters, but for now its just a home for them, their tutor Hodge, and their parents.
This book takes place in New York City. It is sometime in the near future because they wear clothes that are like ours but there technology is a little more advanced. Shadowhunter- Someone that has nephilim blood and human blood. They hunt downworlders and demons.
Downworlder- Child of the Night, Children of the Moon, Children of Lylic, Children of Lilith.
Rune- A marking from the gray book. Used on Shadowhunters to give, or enhance abilities. Also said to be the language of the Angels.
Forsaken_ A human that has been marked with a rune.
Mundanes- What shadowhunters call humans. Term's Used In The Book The theme of this book is to never give up. Even if the odds are slim you should always keep faith. If it doesn't work look back at your plan, revise it, and try again. There is always room for improvement. Theme Author: Cassandra Clare
Report by: Kendall Hlewicki The Morgenstern ring symbolizes the Morgenstern family. Jace's father gave it to him moments before his death telling him it was the Wayland ring. Jace has held onto it because it reminds him of his father. It is a symbol of family, the past, and the future because it is Jace's family ring and has been passed down from generation to generation and it will continue to do so until there are no longer any more Morgensterns. Symbolism I think the Authors Purpose was to entertain people with a novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Filled with twist and turns you never know whats going to happen next. You will want to keep reading and never put the book down. The purpose is to entertain because it is a fantasy novel. This book is not factual and the only reason you would read it would be for pleasure. Authors Purpose When Clary and Simon go to their favorite club they are expecting nothing out of the ordinary, especially not a murder committed by three children covered in black tattos that only Clary can see. This is the first encounter Clary's ever had with Shadowhunters. When she receives a frantic call from her mother telling her not to return home she is filled with worry and ignoring her mothers warning she runs home. When she arives she is shocked to find it a mess, furniture knocked over, pillows ripped to shreds, her mothers paintings ruined, and no sign of her mother anywhere. When she turns to leave her path is blocked by a Ravenare demon blocking her path, not knowing what she is doing she threw the strange cell phone like device Jace gave her at it. Slowly the demon dies but not before it bites her injecting her with posion. Why is is she suddenly atracting demons? Where is her mother? Who are these strange children? And how did she suddenly gain the Sight? Plot The title City of Bones symbolizes what it is named after the Silent City (the second name for the City of Bones). The Silent City is where the Silent Brothers live. It is also the burial place for Shadowhunters that were killed in battle. Clary came to the City of Bones to get the memory block off of her memories. We learn about Magnus Bane here. I think one way this book relates to the real world is that Clary and her mother have communication issues. They keep secrets from each other. This makes them have a strained relationship because when ever they find out about a secret the other has been keeping they get mad at each other. This relates to the world because a lot of children hide things from there parents and this causes stress in the relationship. Clary's mother also hides her past from her. She thinks it will help Clary and protect her but it only causes trouble and fighting when Claty finds out the truth. This happens a lot in the real world. Parents try to hide things from their children because they think it will protect them but a lot of the time it only hurts them to think there parents kept secrets from them. Text to World Connection
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