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how important is

No description

michael crist

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of how important is

computer college career
Day 1 Aug 19
E.Q: Why are you in this class?
Day 2 Aug 20
E.Q: What skill's do you bring to the table?And how much do you think that you can make as a salary
Day 3 Aug 21
E.Q: pick three school rules that you disagree or agree with and explain why?
Day 4 Aug 22
E.Q: How important is it to have a "business mind" and why is it important to dress the mind than to dress the body physically?
Day 5 Aug 23
E.Q: Compare and contrast two things learned this week in class that you hadn't known before? Explain how it can prepare you for the work place?
Mr. Scriven
Michael Crist
A: I'm are in this class to learn about computer's also to learn about business skills. score 4
It is very important to have a "business mind" because you need to have the ability to think properly. You dress the mind first to prepare your mind to think about what you you are going to wear that day.
A: The skills that I bring to the table is being a hard worker I am proffesional and think wisely.I think that I am able to make $250,000 I think that its possible because I get the job done and that if I where part of a company it would be a huge diffrence and the company would be a better all around. Score 4
1: I agree with the school dress code rule of wearing a belt to keep your pants up.
2: I disagree with the cellphone rule at lunch because lunch does not count as a class.
3: The third rule that I agree with is the rule about is no drinks in class because it is just more to clean up.
score 4
I learned this week how to use dress your mind. I also got to help people in my group use prezi.
Quiet Captain
Day 6 Aug 26
Day 7 Aug 27
Learning computer basic skills are important, explain why.
It is important because now days our lives have lots to do with computers.If you know how to use computers you will have an advantage on people that don't know how to use computers
Day 8 Aug 28
Day 9 Aug 29
Day 10 Aug 30
Day 12 Sep 3
Day 13 Sep 4
Day 15 Sept 6
E.Q: Open up Pearson and read today`s assignments explain how easy or difficult this process was?
Today`s assignments was not a difficult process because all you have to do is read the chapter one then describe what it was about. It was about the basic skills to use Microsoft word 2010.
Day 15 Sept 7
Absent today.
Icons -image to represent
With the absence of your leader did you feel unconfortable?
No I did not feel very unconfortable because I knew what our leader expected from us and what we were to do.
Why are emergency procedures put in place.If they are neglected what can happen?
Emergency procedures are put in place to protect you and your team mates.If you neglect them you can hurt your self or your team mates.
Why is it important to have a "business mind"?
It is important to have a "buissness mind" because you need to be able to dress properly for the buissness world.
What type of application software is the most popular on most computers?
The most popular types of application software is Microsoft, and Mac.
If a windows program has become unresponsive what keys do you press?
You press ctrl alt delete because it opens up the task manager so you can shut down the computer or restart it.
Day 14 Sep 5
Why is it important to dress your mind before you physically dress your self?
It is important because if you don't dress your mind first you will not be able to dress your self properly.
margins-the blank space bordering
office clip board-a feature that allows the user to multiple items
hardware- utensils
minimize- to reduce to the smallest size possible.
properties- something owned
tool bar- a row of icons
library- a collection of materials
mouse pointer- a moveable indicator
read only memory(ROM)- a place where things are stored
window back stage viewer- contains the set of commands for working in documents
folder- a virtual container within a digital file system
information technology- the study or use of systems
random access memory- used to preform nessicary tasks
dialog box- an area where the user can select comands
gallery- a place for display
insertion point- lists other pages on the web
scroll- to move up or down on a page
font- types and styles of writing
hyper link- a link or electronic document
menu- a list of avaliable options
storage- a space for storing things
Day 16 Sep 9
Following procedures and/or instructions in the work place is important, what happens if if you choose not too? Give 2 examples/w explnation.
Yes, procedures/instructions are important because if their where no rules in a workplace it would be out of control and equipment and ever body would do their own thing. 2 examples would be if their was no rules no one would know what to do.the 2 example would be things could be broken if their where no restrictions.
Day 16 Sep 9
key boarding lesson
The lesson taught me many new buissiness standards and ways to sit and type. I also learned how to type faster and what to do if you get tired so you dont strain a muscle and many new things about microsoft word 2010.
Day 17 Sep 10
Does success in anything you do come easy or do you have to work for it?Explain,why/why not and give an example.
No,it does not come easy you have to work for it.You have to work for it because you want to impress the people that you work for or your boss. If you dont work hard you might not get promoted or you could be the first in line to get fired if you dont work hard.
summary lesson 1
Sep 9
The lessons teach about how to open up things on microsoft word 2010 and use the keyboard better and have a better understanding of the computer and the program
Day 18 Sep 11
Reflect on what this picture is saying,give an example.
If that was me it would be at math class when thing could not get worse a test would make it worse would be a math test.
Sep 11 summary section 5
The section 5 teaches me about setting and modifying tabs,creating an envelope, and writing business letters like when
Sep 10 summary section 2
The section teaches me more about the symbols and what they mean and what they do.It also shows the different types of font and the different writing styles also it tells you the themes on microsoft word
Sep 11 section 3 summary
Section 3 informs you about how to insert text,using overtype mode, selecting and replacing text,canceling and commanding,and using undo and redo that is what this section teaches you about.
Sep 11 section 4 summary
Section 4 teaches you how to alining text, analyzing memos ,line spacing so that you can learn how to use microsoft better and getting a better understanding of the program.
Sep11 section 5 summary
This section tought me about the usage of microsoft word. I learned about the different types of writings and fonts.
Day 20 Sep 12
Name at least 5 items found on the ribbion in word document and explain the usage of each.
5 items that I know of on the ribbion is the allinment,how to use the italics,the under liner for the text, changing the styles of writing,and how to use the page layouter
Day 21 Sept 13
Take one of the letters from the word "pride" and explain how this word has fused you to become a better person/student/friend
The word has helped me become a better friend ,student,and person because if you are prepared you can do better in class also you can help your friends out better.
Day 21 Sept 16
What did you learn from the lessons in Pearson learning last week?
Create an E.Q using any part of last weeks learned and give an brief answer.
Last week I learned how to operate the ribion on Microsoft word 2010 like how to use the allinment to allin the paragraphs, and words.
lesson 5,10
Day 22 Sep 17
The proper technique goals consists of maintaining curved, upright fingers having your wrists low, but not resting on the keyboard.
What are the proper technique goals you need to learn to type faster and better?
Office clipboard software
A feature that allow the user to save multiple items at a time
Allows you to save 24 items at a time
Day 24 Sep 20
What is the difference between modified block and full block?
The difference between modified block and full block is that full block starts flush with the left margin.Modified block is when the writing starts at the center of the page.
Day 26 Sep23
A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he whishes to be true define Dupe
Day 27 Sep 24
Create an E.Q and a complete sentence using your team acronym letter found in "pride" Be sure it relates to this weeks lesson.
How can you prepare your self to use microsoft word 2010?
Day 28 Sep 24
By default , the new document displays in print Layout view , showing the most common tools you need to create, edit, format, and distribute a document. Explain how default works.
When word goes to default it goes back to the original state that does not have any special things added to it.
Day 29 Sept 27
what did you gain from the lesson 2? Explain how Themes works.
I gained lots of knowledge from lesson 2 like how to open a saved document. The themes how you can change the style and how to change the color and many things about the theme.
Day 32 Oct 1
Learning each of the vocabulary words found in C.1 on Pg 79 have contributed what towards your communication skill development?
Day 33 Oct 2
What did you learn from chapter 1 and what did you learn from the lessons in chapter one.
I think that chapter one was very informative I learned many new things from the lesson like how to use the themes and how to use them.
Day 32 Oct 7
How important is it to "think" - "plan" and "Dream"? Explain and use examples.
Sign posts
#1 Anchor Question: When a character does something that contrasts with what you'd expected or contradicts his earlier acts or statements, STOP and ask, "Why is the character doing that?
#2 When a character realizes, understands, or finally figures something STOP and ask yourself " how might this change things
#3 When a character asks her self a very difficult question, STOP and ask your self , "what does this question make me wonder about"?
#4 when a character (probable older and wiser takes the main character aside and offers serious advice STOP and ask whats the life lesson and how might it affect the character.
#5 when you notice a word phrase or situation mentioned over and over STOP and ask yourself "why does this keep happening again and again?"
#6 when the author interrupts the action to tell you about a memory STOP and ask yourself "Why might this memory be important.
It is very important to think ,plan and dream because if you dont think about things you will not solve them . If you plan things you can be better planed than everybody else. When you dream you will try as hard as you can.
Vocabulary Chapter 2 lesson 11

Compound modifier-two words combined to act as an new or more specific word
compound word-two or more words combined to create a new or more specific word
Hyphen-A horizontal bar character used to indicate a split or incomplete word
Hyphenation Zone-The maximum space word allows between a word and the right margin without inserting a hyphen
Synonyms-words with the same meaning
Thesaurus- A listing of words with synonyms and antonyms
Day 41 Oct 14
E.Q.:Explain how you move text drag and drop cut and paste.
Moving text you select the text you want to move and drag it.paste you copy something and paste it on a page. to drag you select an object andmove the mouse.
Day 42 Oct 15
How do you open a table on Microsoft word 2010 And what do you use it for?
You click the drop down menu in the table group select commands for inserting a table you can use the table to display information.
Day 43 Oct 16
Compare and contrast two things you learned from lesson 14 and indicate why they are important.
The two things that I learned from lesson are how to insert tables in to your word document and how to analyze the tables. This is important because you can better oragnize your information.
Day 44 Oct 17
If you where given $200.00 what type of outfit would you purchase to where to the interview? Explain why

If I where given $200.00 to purchase an outfit I would buy a nice suit, tie, and a nice pair of shoes. I would buy this because you look better prepared and hire able.
Day 45 Oct 21
2 things that I learned in lesson 16 that I am going to compare and contrast is moving and resizing tables and merging and splitting cells. When you move a table you change the location or when you resize you increase the size or decrease the size.When you merge and split cells you add more cells to the chart.
Day 46 Oct 22
How can you apply your knowledge of tables in other classes?
You can use your knowledge of graphs in your other classes because you will be able to better understand the charts and graphs. Also you can make graphs to organize your self better.
Day 47 Oct 23
What are so fascinating about TABLES and can you create a table in a power point document?

What is so fascinating about graphs is that you can display information in a more neat way. Yes, you can create them in a power point document.
Day 47 Oct 24
Give 2 examples of what you learned from yesterdays lesson.
I learned how to work with templates and the internet

Day 49 Oct 28
Write a paragraph on what you have learned as far as tables.
I learned many new ways to customize a table and personalize a table to your self.
Day 50 Oct 29
List and Explain in a paragraph what you learned on yesterdays lesson as far as tables
WHEN:in a document
WHY: to be organized
WHO: you can use it to organize
Day 51 Oct 30
List and explain in a paragraph what you learned from yesterdays lesson. use who, what, when where
Day 52 Oct 31
use the 5ws to explain what you learned from yeasterdays lesson
I learned how to get prepared to go to college
Day 53 Nov 4
Compare and contrast amnesty and animosity.Critique your self

Amnesty is something positive and animosity is when something is hostility. Know I know what the meanings of animosity and amnesty are. Also I have a better understanding of the words
Day 54 Nov 5
Compare and contrast the WHAT?&WHY? Questions from last class lesson and critique your thinking and explain.
Why do we use tables?
What do we use tables and graphs for?
We use it to help organize our self better and have an better presntation.
Day 55 Nov 6
Compare and contrast the when and where from last class

I learned how to change thew case of the words and also how to insert things.
Day 56 Nov 7
Rule #7 g capitolize an official when it procedes a name and else where if its a title of a high distinction
Rule #1 capitalize the first word of a sentence, personal titles, and names of people
Rule #8 capitolize initials; also letters in abrbreviations if the letter would be capitalized when the words are spelled out
Rule #5 Capitalize historical periods, holidays and events
Rule #2 capitalize days of the week and months of the year
Rule #4 Capitalize the names of clubs schools and other organizations
Rule #6 capitalize names of streets, buildings and other structures
Rule #3 capitalize streets, cities also other geographic features

Day 57 Nov 8
Create a hook question from the hook question.
How do you check the grammar of a written document?
You can use a dictinary to check the grammar of a written document.
Chapter 1 and 2 I understand them all accept lesson 17
Day 58 Nov 12
Devin is eager to drive but he has to take the written driving test and he has only 3 months to study. He has a problem he doesn't understand the terminology what .
I think that Devin should use a dictinary or a person that can help him with it and re-write it in a way that he understands it.
Day 60 Nov 13
Bob is pursuing a career in the FBI he needs to write a eassy but he cant
Day 61 Nov 14
What are somethings that the team could do if Fredrick didn't do his part in the project?
They should divide the work and finish it and then fire Fredrick
Day 62 Nov 18
Why is it always important to have a back up plan on major projects and assignments explain why.

It is important to have a back up plan because if 1 of your team members forget to do an important part of the assignments you will have something to fall back on instead of having nothing.
Day 62 presentation notes
Chapter 3 lesson23 who would use this lesson in real life?
teachers,students and many other people in the business
Why to create documents
Chapter lesson 6 Types of fonts
7: changing the paragraph format
8: inserting pictures like if you want to make an example you can use a pic.
9: changing text
10: working smart art and graphics

Day 63 Nov 19
What is the most important take away of the hook question?

They can tell her that it is very important that they turn it in. They can catch her up on the presentation or they can make her do so extra work for the team to make the project even better.
Day 64 Nov 20
A girl needs to create a table to organize her work for her science project. How would she create a table to display the work?
Why would she use a table?
Day 65 Nov 25
Create a hook question that deals with your EQ.

Their is a presentation in 2 days your team will not be able to present with you what can you do?

EQ: why should you learn all of the parts in your presentation and not just tour lesson?
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