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Food and Table Manners

No description

Noelle Chin

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Food and Table Manners

Table Manners Food and Table Manners Food The 1500 and 1600s were eras of change and exploration in terms of food. With the discovery of trade between other countries, there was an income of new ingredients (mainly for the rich). Basic Table Manners: Basic meals consisted of... At this time, the wealthy had access to other ingredients such as... Eating Utensils are... Keep your hands and nails clean Food - imports from other countries fed the upperclassmens' booming desire for sugar Sugar! Keep your cloth clean - sugar was used for absolutely everything Convenience Foods! Utensils of the Era Convenience foods were easy, usually pre-prepared foods Wipe your mouth These are the eating utensils the poor would eat with. The wooden utensils were the only thing affordable for them. They didn't have the luxury to eat with silver and gold utensils. Pewter was really popular with everyone. It was so popular that there would be fights over the pewter utensils because they sold quickly at markets. Mainly merchants and gentlemen used pewter utensils. Don't leave spoons in the dish Different social classes used different utensils for eating. The wealthy class ate with silver spoons for soups and other dishes. Meats were eaten with their hands. They would drink from goblets that were silver or gold. No elbows on the table Drinks/ Beverages By Aneesha, Esha, and Noelle Don't overfill
the spoon Did You Know? Cut your bread
with a knife A Famous Wine Recipe From the Past... - one-half cup water - one and one-half cup white wine - eight ounces of ground almonds - half teaspoon ground ginger - one teaspoon clear honey or white sugar - a pinch of salt - water was not clean at the time so people drank other beverages including wine and ale - honey was also used for a sweet alcoholic beverage - farmers promoted milk from cows and goats "Caudle", a popular beverage consisting of hot thickened eggs was usually drunk in the morning or before bed The Spectacular Dining of the Rich - the discovery of trade with other countries caused the tables of the rich to be flooded with new and tasteful delicacies - sugar and meat, being expensive ingredients were a sign of wealth and usually found in the meals of the rich - exotic fruits were imported from other countries and grown in the gardens of the upperclassmen - the rich still threw spectacular feasts - the visual effect of their food was very important to the noble The Spectacular Dining of the Rich - props were used to greater the visual effect In 1569, during the plague, the ability to sell fresh fruits became illegal Queen Elizabeth was known to love sugar so much that she ate so much of it that her teeth turned black The people had a baking tray known as a "coffin" that was made out of hardened pastries Don't stroke cats and dogs while at the table -Rich period sources on how to behave -Books of courtesy, kerfing,
and books for children -Household manuals -Expected to put bread
in pottage -Important to wash your
hands before a meal -Guests must pick from
dishes that were within reach -Soft food and broth were
eaten using spoons -Two-tined forks used for
carving meat -Knives were very sharp
for a purpose Cut your meat into small pieces Don't finish your entire drink hehe i'm done so i'm gonna go but ttyl! Thanks for listening!!
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