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Career Shadowing at Sir Speedy Printing

My Career Shadowing experience

Anthony Ficuciello

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing at Sir Speedy Printing

Sir Speedy Printing By Anthony ficuciello With Ron Ficuciello As my Mentor! By Anthony Ficuciello Mentor: Ron Ficuciello Printer at Sir Speedy The purpose of Sir Speedy Printing is to provide businesses with various advertising and sales tools both virtual and non-virtual to help better private and franchise businesses. The average pay at Sir speedy is 13$ an hour, 156$ a day, 1092$ a week, and 56,784$ and to get a job here you must have at least high school degree. In 15 years Sir Speedy hopes to have expanded greatly into both more locations in the U.S. and also around the world. The Employability skills, with examples, are as follows: Do Assigned Work- This skill is the main reason employees work here. Custom jobs are not only creative and somewhat fun, but you get paid for them as well, such as a banner for a mechanic company including wrenches for a backgrounds Be Prepared- Being prepared is essential in both planning a design on paper and actually going through with the design. Having the template on hand allows you to do assigned work, tying in with other employability skills. Appropriate Uniform Dress- This rule is important to only some employees in Sir Speedy. For instance, a deliveryman or clerk would be required to be in business attire, but a printer would be cut more slack since they aren't actually seen by a customer Show respect to supervisor/peers- This should always be important, as teamwork and cooperation enables you to be in that specific job ninety percent of the time. In this job, Deliverymen, clerks, printers, graphic designers, and every other job in Sir Speedy is linked through respect and teamwork. Printers and graphic designers must communicate on what goes where, deliverymen confer with printers on how many copies go where, ect. Follow instructions- This skill is important because custom jobs differ. Some are more lenient with their expectations, while others are strict with specific procedures. Not following these instructions can lead to undesired work, meaning a wasted project that yields no pay. Be on time- Being on time is important because you must meet deadlines both with the final product and the number of copies the business ordered. Something like five hundred flyers for an event can be very time consuming, and must be done as quickly as possible for time to revise and edit the product. Refrain from eating/drinking/ect.- This rule is important to a certain degree to keep workstations clean and to also manage not to drop spaghetti sauce on a banner you've worked weeks on. Meet deadlines- As mentioned before, deadlines are VERY important in this job. As with following instructions, customers tend to vary on this aspect, giving you days or weeks to finish on different jobs. My favorite part of this job was the amount of freedom and creativity you get
on most jobs you do. My least favorite part of the jobs are strict deadlines I am hesitant on whether or not I would pursue a career at Sir Speedy. If I were to, I would be a graphic designer so I could create imaginative and eye opening websites, flyers, banners, and business cards. This job also requires a basic knowlege of art, ability to see colors, and to be mechanically inclined. While a pressman and graphic
designer only needs to be able to work with his employees, someone
such as a receptionist must be more socially inclined. Many types of software and technology are used in this job, such as: Photoshop Microsoft works Illustrator Both Macs and PCs And various other products such as the types of scanners and presses. This has been a brief overlook into being in the 'graphic printing' industry, and I hope you have enjoyed my presentation
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