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No description

Natalia Szukalska

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Hollywood

About the district
Population - 123 435 people

Location - Los Angeles, California, USA

Area - 64,6 km²

Mayor - Eric Garcetti
In 1857 the Wilcox family moved there. Forests and hollies had grown there, so the district is called 'Hollywood'. Film producers, who escaped from Edison's agents, decided to stay there, because of the safety, well climate and beautiful terrain. More directors came there every year.

It had 'the golden age' from 30's to 50's.

The most popular film studios: 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Pixar Animation Studios, New Line Cinema, DreamWorks, Lions Gate Films.

Egyptian Theater
"The universal movie centre"
Many film studios are located there.
Many actors have lived there.
Many people call it like that.
Many of them think that it is cinema's home.

Do we need more proves?
The Walk of Fame
typical ceremony
Who, when, how?
History of the one sign
At the begining it was made from wood and had 4 letters more 'HOLLYWOODLAND' and it was advertising of the block of house

Then it changed into 'HOLLYWOOD' and while John Paul II visited Los Angeles it was 'HOLYWOOD'

In 1978, famous rockman Alice Cooper decided to bring up some money for a renovation. The sign was made from metal and it has been like that up to now.

The letters have 14 metres height and 110 metres length.
Fun Facts
About 200 nominations are sent every year
About 20 people are honored every year
One is awarded with the star at least 5 years after the death
Everyone has to pay for his own opening ceremony (cost: 25 000 $)
You can get more than one star -> different categories
Animals or animated cartoons also can get the prize
Natalia Szukalska 2a group 1
Thank you for your attention
Joanne Woodward
was born in 27th February 1930 in Thomasville, Georgia.
She is alive up to now.
Her marriage with Paul Newman was called one of the bests in Hollywood
She has got an Academy Award as the Best Actress in a Leading Role (as Eve White / Eve Black / Jane in The Three Faces of Eve)
Her star was the first on The Walk of Fame
American Cinematheque
Hollywood Boulevard
There are 5 categories:
Motion Pictures
Live theatre/Live performance

7018 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, USA
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