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Natural charger

No description

Michael Bond

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Natural charger

Natural charger
Procedure 1:
watermelon charger
place the bowl on a flat surface and fill it with water & ice.
add salt to the water & ice(not too much though!)
stir the contents
place the watermelon in the glass
put the usb iPod outlet connection on the watermelon
connect the iPod for charge
Which fruit chemical reaction generates electricity to charge a phone, the watermelon or an coke with a banana?
Procedure 2:
coke and banana charge
connect the av. audio cables to both ends of the banana
open the coke and drop the av. cables in
connect the iPod to the usb cable charger
drop the usb connection cord in the can of coke.
wait till the ipod turns on(indicating that the ipod is charging)
"I think that the watermelon will generate electricity."
can of coke(any type)
audio av. cables
iPod charger cable(2 cables, usb type)
iPod outlet charger
large bowl glass
Joshua's hypothesis:
Michael's hypothesis:
" i think that the coke and banana
will generate electricity
to charge an iPod."
Thank You
This project was done under adult supervision.
any damage done to your possessions shall be immediately replaced.project may fail. Any questions on what may also may be needed send me an email at
None of the experiments worked though we did use good fruit that did made a very little voltage
(None of us were harmed, though sadly).

Coke and Banana:
did create the fizz, but was not strong enough to charge a phone.
did not generate enough electricity to charge a phone
although our experiment wasn't done with the right tools necessarily none of our hypothesis were correct. We will continue to do this project for better results.
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