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Getting S'More Out of Your Leadership Experience


Sarah VanKuiken

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Getting S'More Out of Your Leadership Experience

Getting S'More Out of Your Leadership Experience By: Allison Taylor and Sarah VanKuiken Sooo... What... ...went Great! ...not so Great :( What's in here? tools to help you re-shape your approach Taking you from here... (looks tasty enough...) .. to here! mmm.... COMMITMENT Goal: NOT get burnt out Set realistic expectations (including school and personal time)
Focus on Quality over Quantity
Pace yourself to finish strong Quantity INVESTMENT what are you putting in to... the organization...
team members...
creating a legacy... What are YOU cultivating? TEAMWORK These are my peeps... Covey: Principle of the farm Emphasis on the MINT- Re-evaluate your boundaries- make it a thin mint instead of a cracker! marshmallows don't grow on farms! Take time to build your team Manage conflict ... no sneak attacks Establish a
vision! Abundance Mentality stick together like peanut butter keep it cool with a mint patty on the inside there is enough opportunity for everyone. FLEXIBILITY Rol-o with the punches have a plan (make sure others know it)
have a back-up
...be flexible when neither works
laugh at yourself Get a little nutty HUMOR (with a side of hubris) EPIC
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