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Albert Einstein Prezi

Socail Studies

Amine Berriche

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Albert Einstein Prezi

Albert Einstein was born in the year of 1879.
Professional Life
When Albert was 16 he had a vision of himself riding a beam of light.
Impact of Einstein's Discovery and Conclusion
Albert Einstein discovered the "photoelectric" effect.
A Few Quotes With Pictures
Albert Einstein
By: Amine Joseph Berriche
Personal Life
Albert discovered the amazing theory E=mc2.
This theory states energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared.
Basically it says that between mass and energy there is equivalence.
Albert Einstein died in the year of 1955.
Albert Einstein was my scientist that I have chosen.
I chose him because I had heard many things about him but I never did a report so I did not really know his personal life and all of his discoveries.
This gave him the idea that light bends and space time was curved.
Albert worked many different places if he was on the road he would record his work on pieces of paper.
Also he did not have to wear anything special during his work just regular clothes.
Oddly enough while there isn't any evidence of him flunking Albert did not get very good grades.
If you are wondering how this brilliant man got drawn into science he got drawn in from the power of magnetism at a young age.
Albert Einstein at a young age.
If you want a basic explanation it states that light is made up of color.
He also wrote papers regarding the theory of relativity.
Without Einstein's contributions to science we wouldn't be where we are today.
A great thing is some people's discoveries are recognized only in their life or only after they died but Albert's are recognized now and when he was alive.
Research Paper
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Albert Einstein
By Amine Berriche
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