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Paragraphs = Topic sentence + Argument + Examples/Proof

Step by step process of building a good informational paragraph.

Grace Alexander

on 4 April 2017

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Transcript of Paragraphs = Topic sentence + Argument + Examples/Proof

The Mystery of Paragraph Island
Don't be afraid to EDIT your topic sentence after you've written the paragraph.

Be ready to edit the details in your paragraph if they don't match the topic sentence. Maybe those details need to go in a different paragraph.
first sentence
of your paragraph needs to tell your "treasure hunter" readers
what the treasure will be
Once you know what your argument will be, you need to support it with:
--so your reader will believe you.
Look at your paragraph.

Does it all add up to the same idea?
Do your evidence and examples flow logically?
Did you miss anything?
Does it make sense?
Examples provide a way for your reader to visualize what you are saying.
The Real-World
Every nugget of gold (your paragraph) needs a wrap up sentence.

This last sentence should restate the main argument and then lead us to the next paragraph.
Wrap up your "Treasure"
Topic Sentence
Informational Paragraphs
Your topic sentence should
make a strong statement,
one that can be argued.
Everything inside your paragraph should relate to your topic sentence, and vice versa.
Real-World examples are always best, because they are believable.
or die!
Lady Informacion
You might need to
edit again
. . .
. . .
and . . .
Social Studies Teacher
Jenks High School
Jenks, OK
Created by Grace Alexander
Remember, the primary PURPOSE of these paragraphs is to inform, not entertain.

You should always have a stance, an argument,
to inform your readers about.

Anyone can repeat facts;
historians make points!
Searching for
the treasure of informational paragraphs.
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