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save the wildlife

to save gorilas and orangutans

mia basile

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of save the wildlife

help!!! don't palm us off video step one step 2 thank you
for helping
the gorillas and orangutans they will appreciate it. save the gorillas Every year millions of
Gorillas are dying of
coltan that you find in
Cellphones.This is what's
causing the death of one of
God's most beloved animals. THEY ARE CALLING ON YOU

The gorillas really need some help. We all want the Gorillas to live a long and happy life. Please donate some phones. We will talk more on that later. save the Orangutans and Gorillas donate your old cell phones to us (Mia and Kalia or the Zoo)
change one of your ingredients in your food
that has palm oil. Always make sure to read the ingredients. They will label it palm oil or vegetable oil. go to www.zoo.org.au/melbourne to support
the orangutans and gorillas.then press on get involved by Kalia Torcasio and Mia Basile by Mia Basile and Kalia Torcasio DON'T PALM US OFF

The Orangutans really need some help.It would be great if you could not buy food that has palm oil and vegetable oil in it. We will talk more on that later. The people mining the
coltan are killing gorillas
for BUSH MEAT. That's why YOU have to
donate cell phones to the
Melbourne zoo so they can get the coltan
out of the phones so they can reuse it. also... try not to buy items like this... don't buy this especially... these items may not mean much to you but they mean ALOT to us and orangutans bye
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