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Product Placement in the Music Industry

No description

Lindsay Richards

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Product Placement in the Music Industry

Product Placement placement of brands in media in order to increase brand awareness & overall revenue transition into music initially found in movies & TV simple references not profit driven MTV "censorship" Brand Partnership artists and advertisers working together to increase revenue through product placement transition to online opportunities with YouTube "Piracy-Proof" Market growth in product placement Piracy Issues 50% drop in music industry revenues lower cost for video production potential expansion costs dropped 25-50% What's your favorite type of music? advertisers utilize consumers' musical identity. "marketing through music creates an emotional response in many generations of buyers." Consistency Lady Gaga Success in integration? Discussion Questions Does paid product placement hurt the artistic value of a song or video, or is it justifiable in an era of declining revenues across the music industry? lyrics "...understand the power of popular culture, and believe in their power to set trends." "Immortilizing a Brand" Repetition "Product placement demonstrates how complementary our relationships with brands and music companies are and how we can bring them together for successful partnerships in the future."

-Rio Careeff
(Chief Exec., Vevo) -unique expression muffled -marketing is sole purpose Negative Opinions -Commercial or music? Do you think such issues could potentially become a common trend throughout all mediums of media? Product Placement
within the Music Industry Lindsay Richards http://klugeragency.com/
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