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Miles Anderson

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Millibots

Types of Millibots
Camera Bots are used to transfer video information to the operator.
The Three Layers
The bottom layer (shown in the left) is used for the robot's mobility. The middle layer (shown in the middle) is used for communication. The top layer (shown in the right) is used for the robot's equipment.
How do the Millibots move?
They move by using their sensors. From their sensors, they can measure the walls and can build a map from their observations.
Millibots: The Mobile Security Cameras
Sonar Bots
Sonar Bots are Millibots that are equipped with 8 ultrasonic sensors that can tell the range of local obstacles.
Heat seeking Pyrobot
What are Millibots?
Millibots are small robots that are used as surveillance cameras. They go through the airducts and view out of the vents.
What are the Millibots used for?
The millibots can be used by the military to serve as surveillance cameras on the battlefield.
Heat seeking Pyrobots are able to detect heat sources with their round sensor.
Bottom Layer
Middle Layer
Top Layer
Video footage from Camera Bot
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