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Using QR Codes to Facilitate Differentiated Instruction

No description

Christian Borges

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Using QR Codes to Facilitate Differentiated Instruction

The Example Lesson:
What Are
QR Codes?

How to Make QR Codes
Other Ways
QR Codes
Are Used
In Our Class

Using QR Codes to Facilitate
Differentiated Instruction
Christian David Borges
Kennedy PS
What are QR Codes?
Description Of What We Did:
To See More Examples of How We Use QR Codes, Podcasting, Animoto, and other Web 2.0 Tools,
Visit Our Virtual Classroom
In preparation for reading of Jack London’s “Call of the Wild”, it was important that students have a basic understanding of what life was like during the late 1800s and some of the hardships experienced by those who went to the Klondike Gold Rush. We used different resources to understand this, including movies, webquests, photos, audio recordings and text passages.
Other Uses for QR Codes
Check out the Digital Lead Learner's website for more resources and strategies for pairing curriculum with technology
Here is a TED Talk
video outlining
how one teacher
uses QR Codes
for education.
Building Background Knowledge of the Klondike Gold Rush
Stations were set up around the classroom that had both QR Codes and physical material (e.g., books). Students were encouraged to “explore” these different stations using either their own devices (i.e., smartphone, ipod, etc.) or one of the school iPads by scanning the posted QR Codes, which led to either rich content or activities. At the end of this activity, students had to write down 5 new things they learned about the Gold Rush and post it on Padlet.com, which would then be collaboratively used by all students to complete the second activity in our unit.
How We Used QR Codes:
Using QR Codes allows students different access points to content, taking into account ability and interest. They were allowed to linger at or move on to different stations depending on their interests and/or comfort level with the material. Using QR Codes is an easy way to allow students choice while encouraging self-direction and making students active participants in their learning. It is a relatively easy way to differentiate both breadth and scope of material as well, and teachers are not necessarily responsible for creating content as much as gathering and controlling it.
Why QR Codes Were Used:
QR Codes are used to
allow students to "take"
virtual copies of anchor
charts and other visuals
that are posted around
the walls with them back
to their desks.
They are able to literally
walk away with the visuals!
QR Codes allow students
to engage with content
without having to
leave their seats
Scan this...
...to get
to this
There are also
links to great,
relevant and
Web resources!
scan this QR Code and
take this presentation
with you
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