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Novel Project

No description

Mariah McEver

on 24 May 2012

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Transcript of Novel Project

Come and see all the wonderful things we have & more!! Would you like to take a bite of all
the wonderful foods we have like
this delicious apple? Would you like to come and experience
our jobs? What would you want to be? Would you want to take care of babies
all day? Come give it a try. If not for you we
have many more job choices just come & see. They believe strongly in
having rules. & they also believe
in having control so if your a
control freak like me this is a
good place to go. :) Do you like rules? If
so this is a good place
for you because their
religion is basically rules.
:) Are you a Democrat or a
Republican? Here it doesn't
matter! Come join us in our
way of politics. Fight No longer!! Going on a hike/walk, bike riding, and swimming. Is
one of these things what you like to come and do them here!!! Or you could also throw an apple around & play a little catch. :) Well their biggest special
event is the Celebration of age.
Age after 12 really doesn't matter
so come and join a worry of your age. A place to go would be house of the Old.
It is where you can go and see loved ones, if you
have them there. You like listening, this is the place to do it. Come and listen to the stories of the old and how life has changed. You can also
volunteer & help out the workers. The people of the community are The people of the community are accustomed to following rules in an organized fashion. The community is a great place to live because of how organized they are thanks to the board of directors!
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