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Top 10 tips for learning a language!

Practical tips directed at students of English

David Deubelbeiss

on 12 November 2011

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Transcript of Top 10 tips for learning a language!

Teachers - who needs them? Do you feel the same?
There is hope - forget the teacher! The top 12 self learning techniques 1. need it / desire it 2. Think English
- Retrain your brain 3. have a system
4. get a practice partner! http://bit.ly/gi3mTu 5. PLAY! http://en.akinator.com http://eflclassroom.com/bots/ebot.html 6. repeat, repeat, repeat http://bit.ly/efl20games 7. slow down! 8. Speak, speak, speak! http://voicethread.com/#u3968 http://bit.ly/cPXqzw voxopop voicethread 9. TEXT 2 SPEECH http://bit.ly/9fXRV6 10. Get Musical - Karaoke http://bit.ly/dbE9I2 http://bit.ly/avc7dj http://www.bellcraft.com/deskbot/ And my overall and
most important piece
of advice? 12. Find your own way! 11. READ, listen and learn http://tarheelreader.org http://bit.ly/aYkN8g Do you want to "fling" the teacher? http://eflclassroom.com/flingtheteacher/ocanada.swf http://community.eflclassroom.com/page/quizlet-1 http://community.eflclassroom.com/pages/pronunciation-1
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