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The Evolution Of Bilbo Baggins

No description

Darian Moore

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of The Evolution Of Bilbo Baggins

Chapters 1 & 2
In These Chapters we met a shy hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins who has made it clear he does not like going on adventures to Gandalf a wizard in a robe and hat. The next day he is bombarded by 12 dwarfs that go in his house and eat almost all of his food! When Bilbo insists that they leave and that he wont go on their adventure they leave to a hotel. Bilbo then realizes he wants to go on an adventure with the dwarfs. Bilbo doesn't realize that what is going to happen is going to change his life forever.
Chapters 3 & 4
In these chapters we see that Bilbo is going on an adventure with the dwarfs! They have a meet up with Elrond, the king of elves who tells them how to find the secret entrance to Smaug's lair on a map. They also encounter a stone giant fight that almost kills them! They find a cave to sleep in of the stone giants. He dreams of the crack of his cave being exposed to goblins and that his ponies escape. He wakens to see that this is true. The Goblins see to it that they bring them to their cave. The Dwarves let go of Bilbo and down he goes to Gollum's Domain.
Chapters 5 & 6
Gollum has been introduced as an ugly looking creature who has a love for his ring that Bilbo has been picked up off the cave floors. Gollum is a creature who eats the goblins who live upon him and the fish in his lake. They play a game of riddles and here's the bet. If one of them trick the other in their riddles then they get to leave. Bilbo won by asking the riddle, "Whats in my pocket?" What Gollum doesn't know is that His ring is in Bilbo's pocket. Assuming that he has the ring he tries to take it out and kill Bilbo but he doesn't have it. Bilbo slips on the ring not knowing that he is invisible! He follows Gollum as he goes on his rampage and finds the way out and finds the group! Their victory is short lived when night falls. Wargs riding wolves decide to attack Thorin and Company. They throw fire pinecones at the wargs and then the lord of eagles save them from the wargs but can't go far because the men will hunt them down.
Chapter 7
In these chapters Thorin and Company meet Beorn who is a skin changer. He lets them stay and has a great respect for them for killing the Great Goblin. He tells them of Mirkwood forest and helps them journey there.
Chapters 8 & 9
In these chapters we see that the company is going through the Mirkwood forest and man does it go horrible. They have to cross the enchanted lake but the boat is on the other side. They get the boat but clumsy Bombur falls down in the water. He is sleeping when he is pulled from the water. The next day they see wood elves but they disappear and it goes like this for 3 times. They decide to setup camp and rest but when they wake up they are caught in spider's webs that Bilbo helps them escape. He then names his sword Sting. Thorin has been captured by the wood elves. After trying to get out of mirkwood they get captured by wood elves but Bilbo is invisible so he is able to escape the wood elves. He follows the elves to their stronghold and meets Thorin who says to not tell the elves about their mission. Bilbo helps the dwarves into the barrels which leads to laketown. They get away from the town safely.
Chapters 10 & 11
In these chapters the company reaches Laketown but the king is feasting with the elves who know that they are prisoners but the king insists that they welcome Thorin at once. After a couple of weeks the company knows that they should leave for the lonely mountains before Durins Day. As they approach the foothills of The Lonely Mountain they notice the greenery is all rotten because of Smaug. They go to the hidden door on the map and Bilbo uses the light of the moon to reveal the door to open. They stare into the depths of the mountain.
Chapters 12 & 13
In these chapters the company is going to meet Smaug. Since Bilbo was assigned the role of
he goes himself in Smaug's domain. Smaug is enraged once he awakens. Bilbo goes again but is caught by Smaug. He only answers the dragon with riddles. It keeps him amused which will help if he doesnt want to get killed. Bilbo manages to escape once more. The dragon flies out of his domain and an avalanche hits on the door which means they're not going to get out anytime soon. They search the dragon's lair while wondering, where in the world did Smaug go?

Chapters 14-15
In these chapters we see to it that Smaug has been slain all with the help of a thrush(bird). But not by the company. But slain by Bard, king of the archers. Smaug is approaching Lake town but the thrush tells him where his chink is in his armor. He hits and the dragon dies. News of his death soon spreads and everyone wants that treasure. The hunt is on. The company hears about Smaug's death and also that lots of people are coming to the mountain. They refuse the entry of anyone but the elves and men declare the mountain besieged.
Thanks for Watching
My Prezi!
The Evolution Of Bilbo

By: Darian Moore
Chapters 16 - 17
In these chapters Bilbo has recognized that he needs to take matters into his own hands. He takes the arkenstone to the elvenking and Bard. He tries to prevent the war from happening. Gandalf pats him on the back for his brave deeds. Bilbo sneaks back to the mountain unnoticed. The next day two of Bard's messengers show Thorin that arkenstone for some of his gold. Thorin is enraged and almost turns violent until Gandalf reveals himself as one of the messengers. Before anyone can debate a great darkness falls upon them as Thorin's siblings come fourth. All war may be a loose at this very moment. The Battle of Five Armies is let loose once they see the army of golins and wargs. Bilbo has removed himself from the fight but sees the eagles fighting in the distance. At that very moment he passes out.
Chapters 18 - 19

In these chapters Bilbo has awoken to a dying Thorin. He has gotten news about what happened about Beorn returning and fighting. Thorin is buried with the arkenstone and his sword. He has also heard news of Fili And Kili passing away. Gandalf Beorn and Bilbo travel to the Border of Mirkwood with the elvenking. They go to Beorn's house but soon head off to Misty Mountains. They arive at rivendell and stay a while there. Bilbo decides to go back to The Shire and continue his life as Bilbo Baggins but always will remember the adventure. He is visited by Gandalf and Balin a year later. And hears news of Dale becoming the new king of the lonely mountain.
The Evolution
The Beginning- Kept to himself, Very shy
The Middle- Courageous and Brave
The End- Conquering and Revolutionary
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