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The Batman: Facts and Origins

an in depth exploration of Batman's origins and backstory

Andrew Carson

on 8 November 2017

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Transcript of The Batman: Facts and Origins

The Batman: Facts and Origins
Andrew Carson
Gotham is a fictional city.
The story goes that Gotham City was named after one of the creators had put their finger into a phone book and came up with Gotham Jewelers.

Gotham City is home to a few other Super Heroes as well, including the Golden Age Green Lantern and The Creeper.
While in early years Gotham was a place of economic growth and prosperity, the city soon became a place of crime and poverty
The Batman was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, first appearing in Detective Comics #27, and receiving his own comic book franchise in 1940.
Wayne Manor was built by a distant ancestor of Bruce Wayne.
There are many versions of
Wayne Manor, depending on the continuity,
however they are always big, and always expensive.
Wayne Manor has always hidden the Batcave
and has always been able to hide many different
vehicles from the eyes of the public.

The Arkham Asylum is named after the Sanatorium in the fictional city of Arkham, Massachusetts, found in many of H.P. Lovecraft's short horror and science fiction stories, such as "The Colour out of Space".
Arkham is a fictional psychiatric hospital in the DC Universe, usually appearing in stories featuring Batman. Many psychotic criminals from across the DC Universe, mostly from Batman's own bad guy selection.
The asylum was created by Dennis O'Neil and first appeared in Batman #258 (October 1974); much of its back-story was created by Len Wein during the 1980s.
Batman is also Known as:
The Caped Crusader
The Dark Knight
The World's Greatest Detective
The name Bruce Wayne was created by combining the names of two historical figures; Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, and Brigadier General "Mad" Anthony Wayne.
Robert the Bruce
Anthony Wayne
There have been several Actors who have brought the Batman to the big screen:
Lewis G. Wilson
Robert Lowery
Adam West
Micheal Keaton
Val Kilmer
George Clooney
Christian Bale
Olan Soule (voice)
Kevin Conroy (voice)
Batman has a seemingly endless
array of gadgets at his disposal, allowing him to be ready for anything
at any time.
Everything fits into Batman's utility belt.
These gadgets range
from the useful to
the ridiculous.
These gadgets include but are not limited to:
explosive gel
shark repellant
The Batmobile:
There have been as many
if not more incarnations of
the Batmobile as there have been Batman.

The very first incarnation was
a bright red Sedan. There have been many
different looks and styles,ranging from sports car to tank-like in various incarnation.
The Batmobile features many Bat-devices including but not limited to:
The Emergency Bat-turn lever
and the Batphone
There are three incarnations
of Robin:
Dick Grayson was introduced as Robin
in Detective Comics # 38- later he became Nightwing.

Jason Todd was introduced as the second Robin
in Batman # 357 - he was meet with much fan criticism however, and it was voted by fans that he
be killed in Batman: a death in the family.
The third Robin was named Tim Drake, he was
featured in the Robin Limited Series-
eventually he became known as the Red Robin.
During the 1960's Batman TV show (1966-1968)
Robin used the phrase holy (etc) a total of 352 times.
The origins of Robin do not come from the bird, as commonly thought, but rather from Robin Hood, a creators childhood hero.
There have been six incarnations of Batgirl
none of which fill the role for long.
The most famous, and well liked
Batgirl was Barbra Gordon, who
was paralyzed during a fight.
Later she continued to serve Gotham and became Oracle.

Originally created in 1961,
Batgirl was completely
redone in order to boost
ratings for the 1966 TV show.
Commissioner Gordon:
Commissioner Gordon, introduced in Detective Comics # 27 is one of Batman's first pubic supporters.
Gordon has heavily relied on Batman's
help throughout the comic series to take
on Gotham's More powerful villains.
Usually Gordon calls upon Batman with the
famous Bat signal.
In most versions of the series, Gordon
is able to deduce the who Batman really is, but never lets the secret get out.
The Joker:
Batman's archenemy.
The Joker first appeared in Batman #1 May 1940,
first appearing as a homicidal killer. However, parents refused to buy batman comics for their children. So his personality was reverted to more of a comical nuisance.

The Joker is responsible for many of the
tragedies that happen in Batman's career
the murder of Jason Todd (second robin)
the paralyzing of Barbra Gordon
the murder of Sarah Essen Gordon
(Commissioner Gordons second wife)
The Joker's look was modeled after the antagonist
in the silent film: The Man Who Laughs.
The Penguin:
One of Batman's oldest enemies,
the Penguin came to be in Detective Comics# 58.
Penguin is one of the few villains
in the Batman series to actually be
Batman occasionally "puts up with him"
and uses him as an informant against
other villains.
Driven to crime due to nonstop bullying
over his penguinesqe form, Penguin uses
trick umbrellas and under the table businesses to get what he wants.
The Riddler
The Riddler, another one of batman's most common foes,first appeared in Detective Comics #140.

This particular villain is not insane, unlike many of the other villains Batman deals with, however he suffers from sever OCD.

As part of his persona the Riddler always leaves
a clue for the police or Batman concerning his next
heist, always in the form of a riddle.
Constantly stumping the police, Batman always seems to figure it out at the last second.
Alfred Pennyworth:

Alfred serves as both butler to the Wayne family
and as Batman's personal assistant.
Alfred's history varies from version to version.
He goes from being the Wayne family's butler all his life, to retiring from an acting career, or even ending a military intelligence career before becoming part of the family.

Regardless of his history, Alfred always seems to have similar skills throughout the versions, these include:
Medical training
Acting skills
intelligence gathering skills
mechanical/computer skills
expert in domestic science
unflappable manner

Bob Kane
Bill Finger
Throughout the comics and movies,
Wayne Manor has taken many beatings.
It has been burned down, blown up, or
destroyed by rampaging villains several times.
the man who laughs
The Joker
Also called "the Clown
Prince of Chaos."
One night as Batman foils a robery attempt at a chemical plant, one of the robbers called The Red Hood falls into a vat of acid, and emmerges as The Joker

Batman has been in various meda for over 70 years
Batman has been a part of comic books and media for over 70 years, making him one of the most popular super hero's to ever exist.
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