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Luke Munro

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

There are many different Daredevils of Niagara Falls, some attempts ended in death and some in fame and fortune. Only the bravest of stuntmen tried to accomplish what was almost impossible.
Daredevils of Niagara Falls
Daredevils these days

Annie Edson Taylor
Bobby Leach
Bobby Leach was the first man to survive the fall, He went over in a steel barrel. 15 years after going over he slipped on an orange peel and died from injury complications.
Annie Taylor was the first to go over the falls in 1901. She was 63 and decided the way to frame and fortune was to way to go over the falls with help of assistants. She was strapped into a special harness barrel along with her cat. She was then let loose and plunged over the falls accomplishing the fall after being first to go over the falls.
Nik Wallenda
In February 2012 Nik walked across the Falls on a tightrope stretched between the two countries. He successfully completed his journey. This is the most recent and successful attempt.
Jean-Francois Gravelet
He trained as an acrobat for years before crossing Niagara Falls for the first time on a tightrope! He crossed the falls many different times completing a variety of different tricks and tasks, such as: completing a back flip, crossed on a bike, walked blindfolded, pushed a wheel barrow across, cooked an omelet in the middle and even carried his manager across on his back
Dave Munday
Thanks for Watching!
The first time Dave tried to go over the falls he was stopped by the Niagara park police. Two months later when he was 48 he finally made the trip over the falls.
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