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Kwun Tong Outstanding Students Election 2012

No description

Queena Lam

on 21 October 2012

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Transcript of Kwun Tong Outstanding Students Election 2012

March-September, 2012 Kwun Tong Outstanding Student Election 2012 Preparation for Election All schools in Kwun Tong received a big envelop from KTOSA...
hopefully ALL have received... Invitation letter and application form sent!!! March,
Meeting for rules, venue, logistics, document preparation... April,
Collection application form... Let's join outstanding student election!!! Who is going to our interview?? First round!!! Your application forms are absolutely amazing!!! Wow!!! We've collected so many application forms!!!!!! Queena would pray for him to get into 2nd round... Sometimes we see a handsome boy... Queena would say...

"Oh, so pretty!! But...I'm prettier=]" Sometimes we see a pretty girl... We got 48 students to the 2nd round=] Finally... Selected students are having interview!!! Second round!!! The Mission Covenant Church Holm Glad College 26 May, 2012 We have a big and powerful judges team!!! And we also have a big and powerful helpers team=] Queena Kaoling Plastic Bear... Suki=] Pak Hang^^ Joe Joe...... And those
who are not in my photos... We are so happy to see those new (and young) faces=] Cute boy no.1 Kwun Tong Top Model Oscar Li!!! My C mui No. 1~.~ My C mui No.2^^ Sin Nui*** Cute girl=] St. Paul!!! Many Kwun Chungsss...... Thank you everyone!!!!!! 6-8 August, 2012 KTOSA Summer Camp 2012 Wan Chai, Sai Kung Kwun Tong Day 1 Day 2 elefante grande=] Morning Exercise\^^/ Day 3 Our happy memory=] I'm so chok... Ngo Chock D!!! 29 September, 2012
KTGSS Prize Giving!!! Preparation...... YOU ARE COMING!!! Ceremony Oscar Li collection Titbits...... I Love You, KTOSA!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!
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