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Amp media plan

No description

Nikki Lazenby

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Amp media plan

SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Target demographic right on track Brand positioning Marketing Strategy Low internet presence Follows Monster in nontraditional advertising Low presence in traditional advertising Expansion into greater market share Close gap between Red Bull, Monster, and amp Increase presence in energy drink market Similarities to Monster Similar target demographics Similar design and images Advertising Objectives Distinguish amp from the competition Increase awareness among teens through adults from 14% to 24% Target Audience Primary Target " "Motivated Students" Motivated Students males 18-24 driven academically sports fans Secondary Target Young Workers males 25-34 new to workforce and driven to succeed most are in sales, construction, or maintence MRI Demographic Data Connection Strategy Traditional Media Nontraditional Media Create an experience that positions amp as the solution to one's feelings of tiredness Media Mix "Anything is Possible" Cable TV + Prescisely defined
target audience Added reach and frequency amp is currently the second largest spender in the category We will place one ad at 11:45 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays days of the week students are most stressed late night study sessions ESPN - 119 TBS - 111 Spike - 153 Network TV + Geographic Flexibility High reach and frequency Late night time frame We will place one ad at 11:45 pm on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC on Mon-Wed We will launch our campaign in accordance with March Madness and will advertise during the end of each game. Magazines + Long issue life Highly targeted Quintile I is 35% more likely to use energy drinks Compatible editorial strategy Internet Full page ad
March - May Nov - Dec ESPN magazine: 213 Maxim: 225 Men's Health: 175 Sports Illustrated: 175 + Well targeted to our users Low cost Use popular sites for homework and tax help as well as sport sites Banner ads on procrastination websites ESPN.com NFL.com Youtube.com
Outdoor Fixed image on daily route + Reinforcement increases reach and frequency WHAT? WHO? HOW? WHERE? Key Markets WHEN? Scheduling
Timing Reach target when traveling and preparing for day Posters in target markets college campuses busiest roads Los Angeles New York City Miami Market Size: 5,759,523 CDI: 121 Market Size: 7,554,817 CDI: 112 Market Size: 1,570,334 CDI: 119 Flighting March - May Nov-Dec Effective Frequency: 4.3 Effective Reach: 70% Fixed image on daily route Goals Actual March - May Reach: 72.9% Frequency: 4.3 Nov - Dec Reach: 77.9% Frequency: 4.4 Amount Spent: $19,978,000 AHA! Advertising that Makes You Think Nikki Lazenby Will Bocholis Stephanie Cohen Ashley Hudson Christine Horne amp Energy Drink Background WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? HOW? National vs Spot NonTraditional Media WHY? Conclusions Frame-of-mind: stressful situations Production Specialist Media Director Production Specialist Account Executive Account Executive Takeout Marketing Pizza Hut Urban Event Marketing Flash mobs in LA, NYC, Miami AHA! is a new advertising agency established in 2010 and located in Chapel Hill, NC. At AHA!, we strive to be unique. We strive to be different. Most of all, we strive to make that little light go off in your head that makes you say, “AHA!” We have a vision to create advertising that is far from the norm. Normality is dull. Creativity is exhilarating Create an experience that positions amp as the solution to one's feelings of tiredness "Anything is Possible" Males 18-34 Advertising that Make You Think
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