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No description

angie greer

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of asthma2

Asthma a chronic respiratory disease that affects the
lungs and airways of an individual inflammation causes the airways to narrow,
making breathing much more difficult Symptoms wheezing- causes inflamation non-productive cough shortness of breath signs of allergies weakness during exercise easily upset Celebrities with asthma Lindsay Lohan
(singer/actress) Pink
(singer) Curt Harnett
(olympic cyclist) Dennis Rodman
(basketball player) Amy Van Dyken
(olympic swimmer Historical Figures Charles Dickens
(Author) John F. Kennedy
(U.S. President) Ludwig von Beethoven
(Composer) Peter the Great
(Russian Czar) personal aquaintances Tony Greer Tyler Muth Kristin Schmeltzer
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