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Nike Social Media Policy

No description

Therese Joseph

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Nike Social Media Policy

Just Do It
Nike would like to welcome you all to our company. I would like to familiarize you with our social media policy. The five components are as follows:
Purpose of a policy
Two social media platforms
Nike's use of social media
Misuse and personal use of social media
Consequences for the violations of the social media policy
Social Media

Purpose of a social media policy
Social Media Platform: Facebook
Networking platform that is used and viewed by millions of people who are a part of a global audience.
Build relationships with customers in order to maximize their experience with our product
Consider negative comments as constructive criticism and respond with integrity and positive feedback
Post regularly and encourage comments, let people know you’re available and you’re real. Make the page fun and inviting.
Social media platform: Twitter
• Write tweets and spark conversations with followers and keep them engaged
• Make use of hashtags to increase mentions
• Encourage positive tweets, retweets, likes and mentions of Nike from customers
• Consider negative comments as constructive criticism and respond with integrity and positive feedback
• An instant communication with the target market
• Obtain real and valuable feedback
Nike's Use of Social Meida
As a multinational company Nike has a global audience. Any behavior online reflects on the morals of Nike as a company. So employees must be:

• Respectful
• Motivated
• Innovative
The IT department:
access to edit and post on Nike's online platforms
decides what content is placed online
have the right to delete any dangerous files
Every employee has the duty to report any unacceptable behavior online
Misuse of Social Media
• Posting derogatory or offensive comments about fellow employee or general public on any form of social media.
• Promoting other brands or business on the Nike social media websites or while using company equipment
• Using the social media for personal use in a working environment or while using the company equipment
• Posting suggestive or non-work related images consequences

Consequence of Infringement
Any employee who is involved in the infringement of the social media policy may result in a written warning. Employees will be retrained in the social media protocols. Two written warnings may result in dismissal. Extreme breaches will incur instant dismissal and may result in criminal charges.
Nike employees use social media in a private capacity, especially if they identify themselves as Nike employees either directly or as part of a user profile, or if they can be identified as working for Nike via the content of their postings they must adhere to the policy
Personal Use of Social Media
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