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Shrek's Hero Journey

No description

Suvitha Viswanathan

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Shrek's Hero Journey

Summary &Characters

is a 2001

Picture Production about:
The Call to Adventure
Shrek's Hero Journey
By: Suvitha Viswanathan
MBMS Tolbert 6th Period LA

Meeting with the Mentor
Tests, Allies, & Enemies

The Reward
The Road Back
The ordeal in the movie takes place when Shrek and Donkey are entering the castle, fighting Dragon, rescuing Princess Fiona and escaping from Dragon
Shrek: An lonely, misjudged ogre who lives in a swamp and is feared by everybody but Donkey
After coincidently saving Donkey , Lord Farquad comes into the picture because he wants to get rid of all fairy tale creatures from Dulock

He has his guards pay for other people to find all of them

Donkey sticks around when Shrek doesnt want Donkey around

That night during dinner, Shrek finds out that Lord Farquad dumped all the captured fairy tale creatures in his swamp

Shrek is furious and decides to go to Lord Farquad's castle to get his swamp back

This is Shrek's call to adventure because he was living a peaceful life before Donkey and the creatures showed up
Refusal of the Call

Shrek doesnt want all of the fairy tale creatures in his swamp so he takes Donkey to go find Lord Farquad to take the fairy tale creatures away and "give him his swamp back."

When Donkey and Shrek arrive at Dulock, they find that a tournament is going on to see which knight will get the privilege of saving Princess Fiona

When Shrek appears, Lord Farquad insults him and tells the knights that whoever kills Shrek gets to go

However, Shrek defeats all of the knights and praised by the crowd when the guards pull crossbows (gunpoint) on him

Lord Farquad claims Shrek is the new winner for the quest, but Shrek refuses and says "I'm already on a quest to get my swamp back"- this is when shrek refuses the call for a minute

After a minute, Shrek agrees because Lord Farquad says that if he saves the princess he can have his swamp- shrek agrees to this proposition
Shrek doesnt have/need a mentor because he is a fierce stubborn ogre

However, his companion on the journey , Donkey is a "half- mentor because he is always helping him and stays positive along the journey

Otherwise, there is no mentor or meeting with the mentor
Crossing the Threshold
Shrek commits to the quest at the tournament when Lord Farquad offers Shrek his swamp back in return for the princess

This scene is when Shrek goes through the step of the "Threshold" ...
The Ordeal

In the end, Shrek's two main awards are his swamp back and Princess Fiona

He gains Princess Fiona after rescuing her, but not until after a fight
Shrek travels back with Fiona and Donkey

Fiona has to hide in a cave because she doesn't want Shrek and Donkey to know she's an ogress

Another band of fiends try to take Fiona and try to kill Shrek but Fiona fights them off

Fionas urgency to get back to the castle before sundown/get married before sundown shows
Donkey: An optimistic, talking donkey who just wants a friend/company
Lord Farquad: The short, greedy lord of Dulock who wants to become King of Dulock by marrying a princess (Princess Fiona) and get rid of all the fairy tale creatures
Princess Fiona: A princess that is locked up in a tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon due to her curse that turns her from a human to an ogress at sundown (this curse can only be broken by true love's kiss)
Shrek Trailer (optional)
In the movie, Shrek's ordinary world is:
The Swamp

He's a carefree ogre with no worries, but with a bad temper, a privacy must and a lonely heart even though his swamp provides him with all of his life's survival needs
The Ordinary World
The Ordinary World (optional video)

There is no meeting with the mentor
Mute at 40 Seconds
There are many different tests:

The Tournament
Monsieur Hood's Attack
The Confrontation at the Castle with Dragon
Friendship tests with Donkey
(Ogres have layers, my swamp not ours, ditching scene, arrow in butt scene, heading to the wedding)
Love Test with Fiona at wedding
Lord Farquad
Monsieur Hood
In Shrek, the approach is symbolized by the journey Shrek and Donkey take to save the princess

They live off of the land and just have each other.
as they travel through all of the
(castle bridge with lava lake)
Shrek figures that he has to save Fiona from Lord Farquad because he loves her
However, when he crashes the wedding, he finds that Fiona is an ogress
They are both captured but Donkey and Dragon save them and they share true love's first kiss

Fiona "changes" but is still the same

The Resurrection
Thanks to:
YouTube for Video Supply

Thanks for Watching!!!
sorry!- Youtube videos aren't working
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