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The Civil Rights Movement

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Alexia Imondi

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of The Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement
The Civil Rigths Movement
The Civil Rights Movement gaol was to end slavery and segregation in the South. The support for blacks came from labor Union, religious denominations, and white politicians. In the end the Civil Rights Movement was finally passed.
10 Cities Involved in the Civil Rights Movement
Little Rock, Arkansas
Greensboro, North Carolina
Chicago, Illinois
Detroit, Michigan
Birmingham, Alabama
Memphis, Tennessee
Washington D.C.
Selma, Alabama
Harlem, New York
Montgomery, Alabama

2 Cities Involved in the Civil Rights Movement
6) Birmingham, Alabama-City, 4 black girls were killed when a bomb exploded
5) Memphis, Tennessee- Center of African American blues music
2 Cities Involved in the Civil Rights Movement
8) Chicago, Illinois- African American population grew from the election of the 1st black congressman, Oscar DePriest
7) Detroit Michigan- Great Migration: Black population increased

2 Cities Involved in the Civil Rights Movement
2) Harlem, New York- Cultural core became hub for African American after real estate prices collapsed in 1904
1) Montgomery, Alabama- Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white person
2 Cities Involved in the Civil Rights Movement
10) Little Rock, Arkansas-In 1857, the governor of Arkansas opposed policy. He sent troops to prevent an African Americans from entering the infamous Little Rock Central High School.
9) Greensboro, North Carolina-4 people sat down at a whites-only restaurant
2 Cities Involved in the Civil Rights Movement
4) Washington D.C.- March on Washington on August 1963
3) Selma, Alabama-600 black protest voter registration rights "Bloody Sunday"
Brown vs. Board of Education
Brown vs Board of Education stopped segregation in public schools in the South states. In 1954, people say it was the greatest supreme court decision of the 20th century.
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