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IT4U - Computer Training and Support for Students Outline of the IT4U program; it's successes to date, and direction for the future.

Janis Shirriff

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of IT4U

IT4U - Computer Training & Support for Students
University of Saskatchewan
To improve the learning experience for many students,
by indentifying issues students have with IT skills, IT access, and IT services. Issues addressed by:

•Informing students that they may have a gap between their IT skills and the expectations of their instructors or their program of studies;

•Reporting the issues to academic units and other IT service providers so that they can make changes to alleviate the issues; and

•Providing specific resources (documentation, online training modules, movies, short courses) for those issues.
Located in the Learning Commons in the Murray Library.

Close to the students, the ULC, the GMCTE, the ITS Help Desk, and the Library reference desk.

By monitoring student IT queries at drop in clinics, feedback from PALS, ULC support units, instructors, feedback from surveys, and feedback from the ITS Help Desk, IT4U is able to identify gaps in knowledge.

Initial assessment Spring 2009, program evaluation 2009-2010 (ongoing) Gaps: Working with long documents such as a thesis using sections, styles, captions, table of contents, page numbering.

Use of PowerPoint for presentations.

Research poster creation.

Basic Excel

Basic electronic file management (create, copy, find, save, store).
Creating proper charts and graphs using Excel.

Working with images (scanning, resizing, including in documents)

PDFs Creating, combining, and printing
Response to Gaps: Grad Student workshops for long document prep (includes styles and master documents); online tutorials

Short Workshops - over 25 titles

Long Workshops or class specific - Posters using PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Online tutorials - over 12 created including Posters using PP, Wiki, Adobe Connect, Excel Charting, Excel Basics, Word Long Document

IT4U Website - Materials page (documentation, links, FAQs)

YouTube ITS Training Channel

Contact with Instructors, Student Groups, Advisors, Learning Commons Partners to promote service

Blogs,Twitter, Facebook, Website (standard and mobile), iUsask app

Future Continue to:

1. Assess IT needs (formal and informal).

2. Develop IT4U Website with resources addressing specific gaps and U of S specific online training videos.

3. Promote online training library (Lynda.com).

4. Market to students, instructors, academic advisors.

5. Provide and develop small, large group workshops and drop-in sessions; in-class presentations.

6. Participate in student orientations to market and promote the need for IT training to students.

7. Review the current research literature on high school and university students (the supposed digital natives) and how they use and perceive of IT.

Goal: Most requested workshops:
Posters in PowerPoint
PowerPoint Tips & Tricks
Word Styles/Outlining/TOC's
Word Footnotes, Figures & Master Docs
PAWS - All You Need to Know 100% satisfaction with IT4U Service....

"The session I went to was extremely helpful"

"You are doing great, responding to each and every question with full devotion"

"Excellent communication"

"I wish to attend other workshops and coaching in the future." it4u.usask.ca
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