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Truman Copote and Perry Smith

Show the simularities and bias between Coptoe and Perry.

rachel shaffer

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Truman Copote and Perry Smith

Perry and Copote similarities capote's portral of Perry Perry's Characterization Influence on the Reader Truman Capote and Perry Smith share many similarities Perry's mother abused alcohol and would die choking on her own vomit. Truman's mother abandoned him; he went to live with his cousins in Alabama. Both of their mothers tried to keep them Perry's mother took them to San Francisco with his three other siblings Truman's mother won custody, and they moved to New York. Even though they were with their mothers they never were close Perry went to stay with his father because his mother spent most of her time drinking and having sex Truman's mother, even though she had custody, would push him away and question his masculinity. Both were judged by their outside appearance and past , even though there was so much more to them. Perry was judged as a no good robber and murderer. He did not really want to kill the Clutters; he only needed someone to pay for all the hardships he went though. Truman's homosexuality made people feel uncomfortable, and even though he was smart, people could not see past his personality. Perry's characterization deeply affects the reader. The reader feels sorry for Perry and despises Dick. Even though Perry probably killed all of the Clutters, the reader blames Dick for what happened. Perry did not want to kill the Clutters; he even says that Mr. Clutter seem like a very good man. Dick was the one who wanted to leave no witnesses. The reader gives a break to Perry, deserved or not, because of his past. Dick, coming from a loving family, does not receive as much sympathy. Capote's potrayal of the story sets an impression on the reader. No matter if it was right or wrong, Capote's perspective is the one we must take to form an opinion of Perry. Capote and Perry have similar pasts and therefore Truman can rationalize what Perry felt when he murdered the the Clutter family. Both had broken families Work Cited
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