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Kinetek Jinghe (Machine Company)

No description

Nova Ho

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of Kinetek Jinghe (Machine Company)

Kinetek JingHe
Major Partners
Securing new Clients
Presented by:
Grisha &
Became a shaft supplier for multinational companies such as HITACHI and MAKITA
Company experiences rapid growth and partnerships with multinationals like Precision Company (Japan)
Became a member of the Kinetek Group
Turnover more then $15mill Us
"To be the hidden champion in precision manufacturing in the entire world"
Product range and design
Source Advantages
increases professional network and access to clients
Source Disadvantages
Costly to set up stands
Limited to customers attending fair
Competitive environment
International and domestic fairs:
Hannover Fair
China International Industry Fair
China International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Expo and
China International Fair of Catalysis Technology and Application.
Securing new clients:
Strategy Advantages
Higher quality and more efficient parts

Focus on a few markets
Strategy Disadvantages
Can't ensure longterm usability

Costs from modifying equipment to tailor-make each piece
Other advantageous factors
Well established firm can handle foreign customers more effectively thus ensuring long term rapport in the business relationship. (Leonidou, Katsikeas & Hadjimarcou 2002).
Choose Partners that are psychologically close
Not only use the clients specified design but tailors each order to each individual client.
Understand the final products functions and not only the parts they manufacture
Researching the buying behaviour of the client’s consumers so that they can manufacture the parts to better aid the purpose of the product
Focusing on a few markets

Given that KJH does not take ownership of the products it manufactures and exports what effect does this have on the company's ability to brand itself as a leading manufacturer of precision instruments and component parts?
Why do products that KJH manufactures for clients lend themselves to exporting as a
• Brand management is the utmost important as it will reflect how current and potential clients will perceive the company (Mudambi et al, 1997).

• Unique, dynamic and innovative manufacturing service

• No set portfolio

• The highest quality standards, satisfying customer needs with every order

• Joint ventures with leading businesses
Explain how KJH can use product adaptation as their position strategy in the china market for industrial goods manufacturing.
foreign market entry
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