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John Wall

No description

John Wall

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of John Wall

John Wall The Best player in the draft he will not disappoint next year in the NBA. John Wall John Killing at the National AAU Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada Breakout Year Before John Wall
was considered the
#1 basketball player
the class of 2009. This was going
into his junior year of high school. Holy Rams John played at Word of God Christian
academy, where he teamed up with one
of the top prospects of 2010 CJ Leslie and a
top prospect of 2011 in Bishop Daniels. They were
probably the best team and most explosive team in NC then. College Choices John made a very wise choice to pick Kentucky who had
the best team in division 1 college basketball, even though they lost to WVU who choked in the final four vs Duke. John was featured on "SI" flying through
the air. There really is no doubt that John will be the #1 pick in the
2010 NBA draft, he will be going to the Nets who are the worst team in league. It will be hard for him to bring them up from the bottom. Lets hope the Nets make a good decision for their own good and pick him up and not have a repeat of Reggie Bush and Michael Jordan pass-ups. I Believe I can Fly NEW YORK! John and Lance on
the cover of slam
magazine. Two future
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