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Chapter 15/16 Explorations, Encounters, and Imperialism

Global I SFP

Mr. McLaughlin

on 15 May 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 15/16 Explorations, Encounters, and Imperialism

Ch. 15/16
Explorations, Encounters, Imperialism

Thank you for your attention!
And one more thing...
is here
developed by chinese, gave Europeans ability to better protect themselves

map makers, created more accurate maps and sea charts for navigation

Magnetic Compass=
uses magnet to interact with Earth's poles to determine direction

Determined latitude at sea, developed by ancient Greeks and perfected by Arabs

Portuguese, large ship that combined the square sails of European ships with lateen, or triangular, sails of the Arabs.
easier to sail into wind
Reasons for European Exploration
Impact of Technology
Around Africa to Asia
Europeans Compete for Colonies
Triangular Trade and Slavery
Spanish Empire
1. 1400's- Muslims had control over trade between Asia and Europe
Europeans--> direct to Asia
Bypass Mediterranean

2. Learn more about land Beyond Europe
Tired of crusades

- 1415- Prince Henry of Portugal (Henry the Navigator)
Wanted to find source of African gold
spread Christianity
rebuilt ships and maps
explored western Africa
- 1488- Bartholomeu Dias
Rounded the Tip of Africa
Cape of Good Hope
- Early 1500's Vasco da Gama
10 month voyage--> spice port of Calicut (West India)
Most of crew lost to scurvy (lack of vitamin C)
-Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand
1492- driven last of Muslims out of Spain
sought new sources of wealth and wanted to spread Christianity

- 1492- Christopher Columbus
Portugal refused, Spain helped
funded by QI and KF
Sailed west to find new route to India
"discovered" America
-Line of Demarcation- 1493
Spain and Portugal fought over new land for trading
Pope Alexander VI created divider
Imperialism- establishing control over foreign lands and peoples
In Africa
- Portugal
built small forts along west coast
trade gold, collect food and water, repair ships
Mombasa and Malindi- cannons destroyed Arabs
little profit- 1600's in poverty
- Dutch
Cape Town= Southern tip of Africa.
resupply and repair ships
Boers= Dutch Farmers
Enslaved Africans (Khoisans)
After British (1815), Boers moved north (Great Trek)
Fought Zulus and won
In Asia
Alfonso de Albuquerque- took Malacca; massacre
outposts- distant areas under Portuguese control
fringe of Asian Trade
Missionaries attacked= hindu temples, sank Muslim Ships, Inquisition
- Dutch
1602- Dutch East India Company
40 years later= captured Malacca
Monopoly Spice Islands
decline in 1700s- British and French
Ferdinand Magellan= circumnavigated the globe
went around South America- 1521 in Philippines
renamed for King Philip II of Spain
1522- made it to Sevilla
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