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Future Technology

No description

Chynna- Lea Taylor

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Future Technology

How has Technology Evolved? In this Presentation I will look at the future technology along with how technology has changed throughout the years. The Future Technology can be quite scary. To think that we can change from a simplistic cordless, buttoned phone to a superior touch screen within 5-9 years! Mobile Phone Technology has drastically evolved... However some would argue gone down hill. Although I believe that mobile phone's are a big part of everyday life they can make us lazy. Phones are changing for the better, although, if they continue to evolve then Mobile Phones will make people dependent on these devices. All the way to... Laptops? 50 years ago not a single person would have known what you were talking about! A laptop can hold the same amount of data as a average computer. Laptops have also hugely evolved but people believe that the computer/ laptop will be far more advanced. Being able to read what the brain is saying! Now it seems impossible but in 8 years we may just never type again! Wow!! Is that a good thing? In 48 years we have gone to this Could we be using...
This... Robots are not something that we rely on every day. Even though people have no ideas about robots now, in 2025 Japan hope to have cleaning robots, spray paint automobiles, loading trucks robots, cooking, sheep shearing, medical assistants, and an everyday household helper. Many people think that robots are just human models whom can do exactly the same as a human, but that is not right. People believe this because our technology is just there, when we need it. It's there. Although this may not seem like a robot, it certainly is. This is a Bee-Bot. A Bee-Bot is used for educational reasons. Could this robot be guiding us around tourist areas? This is a humanoid robot, this means that this is a robot that is based on the human figure. This robot is an ASIMO, it was created in 2000 manufactured by Honda. ASIMO has the ability to recognize moving objects, postures, gestures, its surrounding environment, sounds and faces, which enables it to interact with humans. We now have HUGE screens and HD (high definition) televisions which allow us to see things so much better and in some people's houses they have a 3D television! This is an old television. This television is one of the first television's anyone had ever seen! Just look at how small that screen is... Televisions are essential to life. In year 1926, J.L. Baird first displayed television which had only 30 lines and gave coarse image. Currently the digital signal of the television sends pictures with 1080 lines. We don't usually think, all we do is press some buttons and a range of channels automatically. 90% of households own a television. The first television was commercially introduced in 1924 and have improved, and become incredible. Below are a few different televisions and you can compare these absolutely amazing devices. This is the generation of Transportation: There are many types of transportation: Airplanes, Cars, Bus, Bike, Train, and Boats. Bikes are human powered, meaning they only use the muscles and energy of a human to power. We can also travel by animals but in the 21st century, no one really uses the Horse and Cart. In 1903 the Wright Brothers had the first EVER flight, so only 109 years ago this accomplishment was so amazing. Within this 109 years we have gone from simple flights to slick planes that gracefully dive in and out of clouds. When talking about the first modern automobile, Karl Benz created the first auto mobile in 1886. The very first car might well have been the invention of a Flemish missionary named Ferdinand Verbiest. Born in Flanders in 1623, Verbiest was an accomplished astronomer who left Europe for China in 1658. Past Present Future Past Present Future Future Present Past So, now we know how technology has changed... I hope you enjoyed my prezi along with learning about our technology!
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