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PS Summer Academic Advising

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Transcript of PS Summer Academic Advising

Welcome Week
Plan to attend these special events
on Monday, September 25th:
New Student Convocation
in the
Bren Events Center
Dean’s Welcome
at 10:15 am (at various locations)
Meet Department reps at 11:00 am
Anteater Fair
Aldrich Park

Classes start on
Thursday, September 28

Check your study list and find your classrooms
during Welcome Week.
What’s the
of the website where you register for classes?

True or False:
I have to take my first writing class in the fall quarter.

True or False:
Physical Sciences majors satisfy GE Categories III and VIII with the requirements for their major.

What’s the
of the tool/website you will use to check which degree requirements you’ve completed?
Now for the Quiz …
UCI Resources
& Experiences
Double Majors, Minors
Departmental Clubs
Student Organizations
Education Abroad Program (EAP)
Honors Programs/Courses
Departmental Tutoring
Cross Cultural Center
Minor in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Minor in Mathematics
Minor in Mathematics for Biology
Physical Sciences Majors
Degree Works
(Degree Audit)
That’s how you will enroll today…
But what about other quarters?
SOC for upcoming quarter becomes available Week 6
Check WebReg for Enrollment Window during Week 7
Enrollment Windows open starting Week 8
You have 48 hours to add/drop/modify classes.
You can still use WebReg after your Window closes, between the hours of 7pm and 7am, until the 2nd Open Enrollment begins.
That’s it! You’re
How to register - WebReg
How to register - WebReg
Things to note:
5 digit course codes -- need these to enroll
Comments section -- read these
Lec, Dis, Lab, Res, Sem, Tut
Co-enrollment requirements
How to find prerequisites
How and when to filter for classes
Majors-only restrictions
Day, time, location of class
Number of units
Final Exam information
Schedule of

Physical Sciences majors meet this requirement as follows:
Chemistry majors
Chem M2A/M2LA-M2B/M2LB-M3C/M3LC (or Honors H2A-B-C,LA-LB-LC)
Earth System Science (ESS) & Environmental Science majors:
Chem 1A-1B-1C/1LC and 1LD (or Honors)
Environmental Science & Policy
ESS 40A, 40B, & 40C

Mathematics majors
Chem1A-1B-1C/1LC and 1LD (or Honors) or Physics 7C/7LC-7D/7LD-7E
Physics/Applied Physics majors:
Physics 7C/7LC-7D/7LD-7E
More about Category II:
Science & Technology
Physical Sciences majors meet this requirement as follows:
(Check your report to see which course you take first.)
Chemistry majors:

Math 2A-2B-2D
ESS majors:
Math 2A-2B, 2D or 3A
Environmental Science majors:
multiple options (see degree check list
Environmental Science & Policy majors:
Mathematics majors:
Math 2A-2B-2D
Physics/Applied Physics majors:
Math 2A-2B-2D
& Category V (a and b): Quantitative, Symbolic and Computational Reasoning
Review Fall quarter, Freshman slot on your degree checklist with sample program
Review General Education planner

Most of you will enroll in:
1 GE course from Category I, III, IV, VII, or VIII
1 Science course (with lab, if applicable)
1 Mathematics course
Physics/Applied Physics majors take Physics 99.
ESS/Env Sci majors take ESS 45.
Chem majors take Chem 11.
Some of you may want to take a Freshman Seminar (listed under University Studies 3).
Phy Sci 5 for those interested in teaching.
What courses do I take?
Small class size; one unit – can take P/NP (Pass/No Pass)
Get to know a faculty member who can serve as a mentor
Learn about research possibilities
Freshmen Seminars
(University Studies 3)
The Humanities Core Course: Overview
GE Category I: Lower Division Writing: 2 courses
GE Category IV: Arts and Humanities: 3 courses
GE Category VII: Multicultural Studies: 1 course
GE Category VIII: Int'l/Global Issues: 1 course
(Receive 8 units of course work per quarter)
Meets the following UCI
General Education requirements:
If you’ve satisfied Entry Level Writing, these are the different ways you can complete
lower division writing
1. Writing 39B and 39C
2. Writing 39B followed by either 30, 31 or 38
3. Humanities Core (more on this later)

Upper Division
One course from approved list
Complete lower division by the beginning of your seventh quarter
Minimum of ‘C’ or ‘P’ (Pass) required in writing courses
More about
Category I: (Writing)
Category V:  Quantitative, Symbolic, and Computational Reasoning (Va-Quantitative Literacy,Vb-Formal Reasoning)
Three courses--Most Physical Sciences majors complete this with their degree requirements

Category VI: Language other than English
Most students meet this with 3 years of HS foreign language

Category VII:  Multicultural Studies
One course from approved GE list*

Category VIII:  International/Global Issues
One course from approved GE list*
Category I: Writing
Two lower-division writing courses (beyond the UC Entry Level Writing requirement) or a special writing sequence (more on this later)
One upper-division writing course

Category II: Science and Technology
Three courses--Physical Sciences courses count for this degree requirement, either Chemistry or Physics (except Physics 2, Math 9 will meet this for Math Majors)

Category III:  Social and Behavioral Sciences
Three courses from approved GE list*

Category IV:  Arts and Humanities
Three courses from approved GE list*
If you are undeclared, you must declare a major by the time you are a junior (90 units, excluding college work completed prior to high school graduation).

Minimum of 180 quarter units to graduate

Maximum of 216 quarter units (does not include AP/IB units or units completed prior to matriculation)

Normal Progress - Take the courses required for your major each quarter and graduate when done (normally in four years).
Other information…
Entry Level Writing (ELW)
May be met BEFORE you come to UCI or AFTER you start as a student. Check your personal report for your status.
Catalogue Description
Your personal report
GE course list
General Education Planner
Which classes I need to take
Some special classes and programs
Where to pick classes
How to enroll in them
How to keep track of my requirements
Where to get help if I need it
What some Physical Sciences majors do after they graduate
What am I going to learn today?
Academic Counselors

Don Williams, Mike Tawney, Jillian LeMaster-Dwyer, Stefanie Masuda
About us:
*Mon. – Fri. 9 am – 4 pm*
Call: (949) 824-6507
Drop in: Rowland Hall, Room 134
Email: pssazot@uci.edu
Website: ps.uci.edu/stuaff
*modified summer hours, see our site*
Associate Dean
Dave Van Vranken
Professor of
Student Affairs Office
Peer Academic Advisors
Alyssa Powers, B.S. Physics
Emma Wilfong, B.S. Chemistry & Public Health Sci, CHP
Shelly Meirovitch, B.S. Mathematics, CHP
Claire Urata, B.S. Mathematics
Alessandra Flaherty, B.S. Chemistry & French
School of Physical Sciences
Summer Academic Advising

Things To Do
Check the Message Center at ‘
’ for any unread messages from our Admissions office
Enroll in classes this afternoon
Pick up your Student ID cards inside The Hill (UCI Bookstore) near the cash registers. (located at Student Center)
Make some new friends. Have fun!

Get your parking permit
Complete First Year Internet Required Safety Training

Review New Student checklist and Anteater Zot Start website
Sign up for
Update your local address on ‘Student Access’ website
Fee payment
& Health Insurance

You are automatically enrolled.
You can waive out of the plan, if you have comparable coverage.
USHIP Waiver deadline is Sept. 8th, 2017, but take care of it earlier.
Complete details at: www.shs.uci.edu

ZOTBill will be emailed to your UCI email address
If you have financial aid, it will be applied to your fees automatically, if you are enrolled in at least 6 units. (Remember: full time status = 12 units or more)
Fees are due on September 15th
UCI Resources
& Experiences
Anteater Recreation Center
Bren Center
Career Center
Financial Aid and Scholarships
Student Housing
Registrar’s office
Disability Services
Student Health - (USHIP)
Counseling Center
Student Center
Volunteer Center

Click “Send Request”
How to register
- WebReg

Enter 5-digit course code from WebSOC

Click “Add”
How to find classes and register
Humanities Core 1A S/A is
the same as Humanities/Academic English.
Minimum letter grade of ‘C’ needed in Writing 39A, 37, or Humanities 1A S/A.
30, 31
(need B
above in 39B)
Writing 37
satisfies ELW
Writing 39B
Writing 39A
Humanities Core
can satisfy ELW
(Academic English
More about
Lower Division Writing
This is your
with the University.
You’ll find lots of important information in it.
UC and UCI Requirements
Entry Level Writing (ELW)
American History & Institutions
Minimum 180 quarter units
Minimum 2.0 GPA
General Education

Major/Degree Requirements
Specific classes
Categories I – VIII

Reminder: online
UCI Catalogue

Requirements to complete your major (Bachelor’s degree)
UCI Cal Teach
* More Options with One Degree!
Combining a major in
Chemistry, ESS/ES, Math or Physics
with a
Concentration in Education
offers multiple career options, including graduate school, science-related careers, or middle/high school teaching.

* Test Drive the Cal Teach Program in the fall quarter.
Enroll in Physical Sciences 5 (3 units): “Introduction to Science & Math Teaching.”

* For more information, please contact:
Cal Teach Resource & Advising Center
949.824.0689 
 www.gse.uci.edu/calteach/
Most students satisfy this requirement with high school work. International students, see a counselor for information on how to satisfy the requirement.
American History and Institutions
Screenshot of Schedule
of Classes (WebSoc)
How to register - WebReg
Welcome to UCI!
*Write things down. There will be a quiz later.
Degree checklist & four year sample program
Other information in packet
General Education Requirements:
8 Categories
General Education
* Note: You can overlap courses to satisfy GE, if they appear in both categories.
If you have NOT met the ELW requirement, you will need to do so before you can take Writing 39B (more on this later).
Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:
with Concentrations/Specializations/Minors
along with some possible career paths
Fees and Financial Aid
Health Insurance
Before the end of summer:
September 25-29
A No Brainer for Students with Big Brains!!
In the UCI Cal Teach program, you earn a Bachelor’s degree and a teaching credential at the same time, all in Just 4 Years!
Number of quarter units you should enroll in for fall = 12 to 16
Open WebReg in another tab/window
Shows what you’ve completed
Located on Student Access
SPOP 2 or 8
Other SPOPs
Meet from
1:30 to 2:30pm
Social Science Tower (SST) Room 155
. You will enroll in classes then.
Meet from
1:15 to 2:30pm
Social & Behavioral Sciences Gateway (SBSG) Room 1241
. You will enroll in classes then.
Social Science Tower
Social&Behavior Sciences Gateway
Climate Solutions

Women in Antiquity

The Universe

So You Want to Be A Star?


DIY Electronics

Bias and Prejudice

Meditation & Dreaming

Why People Believe

A year-long, double-credit, integrated sequence of lectures and discussions by faculty from across the humanities.
Progressively develop writing skills while working with classic and contemporary texts from a variety of cultures
8 units of course credit / 2-3 essays per quarter in Fall, Winter, and Spring
Required for Campuswide Honors Program
Natural Sciences 2

Zot Chat

ZotChat is an online live chat service available for students to ask general counseling or advising related questions. Counselors/Peer Academic Advisors in the School of Physical Sciences are available to answer general questions.
Nothing is Automatic
Student responsibilities include:
Enrolling in appropriate classes
Course adds and drops
Changes in grade options
Checking your transcript
Paying registration fees
Following deadlines
Graduation applications
Nothing is Automatic
Things we can help with:
Course planning and recommendations
Advising on policies
Information on majors
Research suggestions
Problems with enrollment
Course equivalency at other schools
Zot Chat
Peter Anteater
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