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CLCA Summer Training

No description

Stephanie Janzen

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of CLCA Summer Training

Chapman Learning Commons Summer Trainng Troubleshooting
Who to ask for what PC's vs Mac problems
Printer Issues Mac issues call Garry

PC Issues call Library Systems You've run out of paper! - call Steph
You've run out of toner (etc.)! - call Steph There is a serious paper jam! -call Xerox
The printer isn't receiving print jobs! -call Xerox
The printer release station isn't working
- Call Library Systems Someone got over-charged on their card! -Sharon
Somone bought a card but it has not money on it -Sharon
Their card is showing an error -Circulation Julie vs Steph STEPH (DAY-to-DAY)
Requests for sationary or supplies
Printer issues
Questions about the Dodson or Lillooet Rooms
Concerns about Dodson/Lillooet events
Random questions about IKBLC or campus
Request for more publications/maps etc.
Reporting broken equipment or furniture
Reporting shift switches or calling in sick/late JULIE (BIG-PICTURE)
Questions or advice regarding programming
Concerns and complaints about building security
Reporting first aid incidents or any other serious patron-related problems Steph vs Karen STEPH
Dodson and Lillooet Rooms
Golden Jubille Room If you aren't sure . . . check the binder
or just ask! OMG It's the Weekend!

You've run out of paper -Grab some from Circulation OR get Security to open the Copy Services Room for you
You need toner etc -Get Security to open the Copy Services Room for you
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