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The Modern Age

No description

Clarisse Sy Su

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of The Modern Age

Artistic and Scientific Movements: Changes During the Modern Age: The Modern Age: The 15th Century Changes in Spain: Spain in the 16th Century Spain in the 17th Century THE MODERN AGE Started with the discovery of America in 1492 Ended with the French Revolution in 1789 Scientific discoveries Trade Between Spain and America Growth of
Cities and
the Middle Class A New Religion:
Protestantism Increased Power of Kings The Renaissance (15th - 16th centuries) Baroque Period (17th century) The Enlightenment (18th century) Rebirth in thinking and culture People: Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci The Sistine Chapel Started with the Catholic Church in Italy Art: Moving and Dramatic Think through reason and not religion People: Isaac Newton The Catholic Kings The Canary Islands became part of Spain Granada became attached to Castille Marriage of Isabel I and Fernando II America: Discovered in 1492 Christopher Columbus wanted a new route to Asia but found America The kings: Carlos I and Felipe II Spain conquered many territories in America Spain was part of many religious wars Gold and silver from America saved Spain's economy Areas of the world that were once Spanish territories The kings: Felipe III, Felipe IV, and Carlos II Spain had a social and economic crisis population decreased commercial activity decreased (less money and people) (the plague, bad harvests, wars) Golden Age:growth in art and literature People: Miguel de Cervantes
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