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Meningitis Prezi

A warning to people about the dangerous disease, Meningitis. Personaly created by Hieu

Hieu Nguyen

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Meningitis Prezi

What is Meningitis? A contagious disease that makes you
feel very tired, confused, gives you VERY
bad headaches, and more depending on your age Hello, my name is Hieu. I have saved many lives as
my job in the CDC (also known as Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention)
Now I am here to...... Save more lives! (of course) Today, my topic will be Meningitis.

You might ask... If you think you have it, I highly recommend
you visit a doctor. They will just ask questions
and perform a spinal tap. You may wonder, how does this happen?
First there are meninges, which cover the brain
as protection. When those meninges are infected
the brain can be attacked resulting in brain damage. Now, you probably want to know how to avoid it... Simple, Wash Your Hands You should also
keep a good hygiene This disease isn't something
you can ignore. If it isn't treated
then massive brain damage could
occur. Viral Meningitis is less dangerous than bacterial,
although they both should clear up in a
week or two. At least 1.2 million
suffer from meningitis
per year! Thankfully, we have antibiotics against
Bacterial Meningitis. Which
we can thank Alex Fleming for his
amazing discovery of penicillin which led
to the cure of bacterial meningitis! It can also be spread by exchanging
respiratory and throat secretions. Also known as kissing... Protozoa

above are some examples
of things that can give
you Meningitis Meningitis is really
common in an area
called the "Meningitis
Belt" a region in Sub
Saharan Africa. Now lets look at some more info of
this deadly disease, shall we? And that, is it!
Thanks for watching
and I'll leave you off
with this funny comic
of Meningitis (well
kind of funny) I will provide info and
tell how to avoid the disease.
Listen carefully.....
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