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Greek Weekend 2010

Presentation for Women & Parents attending Greek Weekend 2010 (April 17)

Cori Hammock

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Greek Weekend 2010

Greek Weekend
Panhellenic Association
Panhellenic PHC Officers Today Rules Joining a Sorority Jewish Sorority Greek Hosts Parents Dismiss to
Chapters Parents stay tuned
We will start your
program shortly. Governing council that oversees the sorority community and it's 17 sororities.
Executive Council works with the groups and peer councils to develop programming and resouces for the members.
President, Brittany Birkett
VP Recruitment, Jules Morrison
VP Standards, Brittany Sellers
VP New Member Services, Courtney Stachler
VP Scholarship & Service, Mayuri Reddy
VP Public Relations, Jessica Knollmeyer
VP Greek Relations, Erica Legaspi
VP Member Development, Emily Thomas
VP Recruitment Development, Allie Goodman
VP Administration, Lesley Schriber Welcome to UW & the UW Family
Very casual weekend
Snap shot of the community No involvement with fraternity men
Alcohol free event
Ask questions
Have fun! Your tour guides for the day
2 current sorority women
Please stay with your hosts throughout the day Fall Formal Recruitment Sept 11 - 18
ONline registration available May 1
Registration fee = $75 prior to 8/11
Housing for the week availabe for addtional fee
Explore the website for FAQ's
More info mailed this summer Fall Dates Sept 11: Orientation
Sept 12-13: Open house Day
Sept 14-15: House Tour Day
Sept 16: Philanthropy Day
Sept 17: Preference Day
Sept 18: Bid Day The purpose of the Jewish Sorority is for women to have the opportunity to come together as a family in true sisterhood to foster growth and explore Jewish values and traditions. The Jewish Sorority will support all degrees of religious observance and establish a network to provide women the opportunity for leadership and life-long friendship. http://students.washington.edu/jewishs/ Alpha
Omega Alpha
Delta Pi Alpha
Delta Alpha
Xi Delta Chi Omega Delta
Delta Delta
Gamma Delta
Zeta Gamma
Phi Beta Kappa
Theta Kappa
Gamma Pi Beta
Phi Kappa Delta Alpha Phi Sigma Kappa Zeta Tau
Alpha Greek Weekend
2010 See label on folder
Come to front to meet your group Greek Life @ UW Interfraternity Council
32 Fraternities
Panhellenic Council
17 Sororities ONe of the largest Greek communities on the west coast
Winner of 5 regional awards Benefits: Philanthropy/
Service Academics Leadership Community Housing: Adjacent to Campus
Living Capacity
Avg: 88 women
Ave: 60 men
16 sororities have live-in house directors
All chapters provide meals Facility Perks: Food Options: Financial Info: Questions: Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life
P: 206.543.1810
E: ofsl@uw.edu www.uwgreeks.com Continental Style breakfast
Buffet lunch and dinner
Late plates Special dietary needs Available food/snacks Dinning rooms & Kitchens Sorority Living Costs High: $3,284
Low: $2,562
Avg: $2,816

Costs include room, meals, house keeping, dues, house director & cook salaries, internet, cable, etc.
One time fees of new member fee & deposits Study rooms Chapters offer payment plans Stay connected sleeping porches Parking Laundry Rec rooms Sun decks/court yards Alcohol free
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