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Why The Empire State Building Is Important To New York City

empire state building info.

Ila Beinart

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Why The Empire State Building Is Important To New York City

Why Is The Empire State Building Important? Almost all of New York City's radio and television stations are broadcasted there. It is the tallest building in New York It is a Symbol of great achievement It has been in many movies It was the first building with 100 floors It has an amazing View of New York City and some of New Jersey It is a huge tourist atraction and brings in tons of money And buisness Even though it was built during the time of the great depression it still made it through It is a beautiful art deco building It is a lasting piece of architecture It is representing saving the planet by using greener things, like their windows Empire State Building It won the height competition and held its place for about forty years It withstood lots of things, even a plane crash Hosts the Empire State Building Run-Up Every year Many celebrities come to the building to see the city It is named after New Yorks nickname, The Empire State It is a national landmark The Empire State Building shows what amazing things America is capable of creating, and building It is a success at doing the impossible It helped make new york the city where dreams are made from
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