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Size and Shape Constancy

No description

Celeste Richardson

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Size and Shape Constancy

Oscar Breen
Celeste Richardson Shape and Size Constancy To think that the shape of an
object is diffrent than it appears to be seen from a certain angle SHAPE CONSTANCY Example: Allows us to think that door and box are rectangular or square even though the angle from which we view it appears to distort the shape Ability to see objects as the
same size even when the
distance from them makes
things appear larger or smaller. Size Constency As we walk away from our radio,
the song appears to get softer Notice how the two guys appear not to
be the same size but in
reality they are different The plate appears to be a circle but
when viewed from an angle it
is a actually an ellipse shape constancy. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.searchdictionaries.com/?q=shape constancy
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Resource List Refers to the term 'In which the
percept of the shape of a given' This holds true for
all of our senses. SIZE SIZE Constancy Constancy Shape Constancy
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