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A debate

No description

Marc Arola

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of A debate

What is it?
What parts has it got?
How to do it? A debate A resolution is an opinion about which can be a valid disagreement THERE ARE TYPES OF SUPPORT What is a debate? Giving reasons I think that...
I believe that... With personal examples (from your experience or what you have heard)
Whenever I go to a restaurant, there's people smoking near me and I'm breathing their smoke. This makes me a smoker. 2 opposing teams make speeches supporting their arguments Parts of a debate Smoking should be banned in public places I agree I disagree How? they
can be weak: I think smoking should be banned because it's bad strong: I think smoking should be banned because second hand smoke is harmful for non-smokers they need
support and ... With common sense (things you believe everybody knows)
Second hand smoke is very unhealthy for non-smokers. With expert opinion (opinion from experts - comes from research)
According to the Environmental Agency "smoking causes approximately 3,000 lung cancers deaths in non-smokers." With statistics (numbers - this also comes from research)
Second hand smoke causes about 250,000 respiratory infections in infants resulting in 150,000 hospitalizations. Resolution Affirmative team Negative team Rebuttal Affirmative
team Negative
team and the
rebuttal? one team explains why they disagree with the other team REBUTTAL how? "They say ..." - Present the argument team that you want to rebut. "That may be true, but..." - Explain why you disagree. "Because ... " - Give reasons why you disagree "Therefore..." - The conclusion is that the argument is not valid The other team said that smoking is harmful for non smokers. That may be true, but I think that if non smokers want to avoid cigarrete smoke, they can walk away from it. Because non smokers should look out for their own health Therefore it is not the responsibility of smokers to protect non smokers. STRUCTURE OF THE DEBATE Speech 1 1st affirmative speaker Speech 2 Speech 3 Speech 4 1st negative speaker 2nd affirmative speaker 2nd negative speaker 5 min. break Speech 5 Speech 6 2 rebuttals of negative team 2 rebuttals affirmative team GIVE REASONS Love is more important than money It is better to be married than single Woman should quit their job after being married
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