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Welcome to ART

No description

Abby Aspen

on 29 July 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to ART

Welcome to ART
How is Art Assessed?
Supporting your Student
How often do students have Art at SFX?
Rules and Expectations in Art Class
Like other specials classes at SFX, art has rules that are specific to keeping students safe and respectful of one another in the art room. Rules are specific to the materials we are using that day. An example would be asking students to wear smocks at all times when painting, or to keep paintbrushes inside of water cups when not in use.
What do students learn in Art?
Students will be exposed to a variety of artists and art worlds, historical and contemporary.
for K-5 parents
With Mrs. Aspen and Mrs. Douglas
Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades meet for art once a week.

4th and 5th grade students meet for art twice a week.
Mrs. Aspen keeps open communication with each student's homeroom teacher to make sure that all expectations and consequences are consistent between homeroom and art class.
K-3 students learn about the elements of art (color, shapes, space etc.)
4th and 5th grade students learn about the elements and principles of art (contrast, emphasis, pattern, etc.)
In art class, individuality, creativity and application of skills are given great emphasis. Students practice these by engaging in hands on projects and activities.
grades K-3
students work from a stamp sheet as they progress through their projects, students collect stamps for completing the objectives of the lesson.

Students are graded using an objective based rubric that is based off of the stamp sheet that students are given in class.

Learning objectives for each project reflect the Catholic Schools Office Standards for Fine Arts Education:
4th and 5th grade
, students are graded off of an objective based rubric, this is the same grading technique used for grades 6-8. Rubrics are provided in class so that students can read along and ensure that they are meeting the objectives of the lesson.

The learning objectives on each rubric are reflections of the Catholic Schools Office Standards for Fine Arts Education:
Ask your student what they are learning about in art class.
Provide opportunities for students to grow artistically at home by giving them room and materials to create and by exposing them to a variety of visual art.
Read Mrs. Aspen's monthly art newsletter to find out What your student is learning in art.
Please email Mrs. Aspen if you ever have any questions or need to communicate information about your child.
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