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CO CTE POS Tutorial

Follow along with the instructions on completing a meaningful Program of Study (POS) Compliance Template

Lauren "LJ" Jones

on 26 May 2017

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Transcript of CO CTE POS Tutorial

Insert your school/college/campus name and CTE Program Name.
Insert the Career Cluster or Clusters that correspond to your CTE Program - see next slide for Career Cluster Map. Insert the corresponding and appropriate Pathway title too - choosing from the Cluster Map.
If you are a High School CTE program, list your Postsecondary Partner(s) for this specific program.
If you are a Postsecondary CTE program, list your secondary partner (s) for this specific program.
When completing this course sequence section, we ask you stay cognizant of local Graduation Requirements which may reflect Higher Education Admission Requirements. The state guidance for both are included here for your reference.
Include the course names or website links that reflect the sequence of courses/programs found in the school or district.
In each of these columns, CTE in particular, think thoughtfully about which course titles is most ideal for a sequence even if you don't have it running at this time. This is a chance for Postsecondary & workforce to advise secondary on what ideally a successful student should experience prior to graduating.
A Postsecondary Institutions' webpage will provide campus specific details for Credit for Prior Learning (CPL).
If the campus also supports Concurrent Enrollment for the partnered secondary campus, include course names or a website where the courses are listed here.
This is a permissive section to list ALL known certifications and/or credentials that are associated with completing this CTE Pathway.
Also include any relevant information or skills that would lead to successful employment and academic advancement.
Include all known enrollment assessment scores that are applicable to this pathway, postsecondary campus or other.
Check off the relevant CTSO: Career & Technical Student Organization(s) that apply to this particular pathway. Multiple is possible. See map below for CTSO listings.

Also check off the relevant level on the spectrum of work based learning that is included or expected in this particular CTE Pathway.
This section is permission to 'show off' how aligned your secondary program is to implementing secondary initiatives. *HINT* each and every CTE program should be proving access to these initiatives and processes anyway. See the Graduation Guidelines weblink above for more guidance.
This section is intended to include the Program Titles that offer each of these categories as a 'completion' measure or 'transfer' measure. List as many as you know of. You don't have to have all columns filled in.
Include your program enrollment/requirements from your institutions website here.
Also, each campus and each CTE program should have record of Gainful Employment once a student completes the program. Include a weblink or data metric for Gainful Employment here.
In these areas, insert the known course sequence guide from scheduling/advising sheets or to the best of your knowledge (keeping the most ideal sequence in mind). Partner with your Gen Ed departments to complete column on right, if need be. If you run on quartiles or trimesters, edit the sequence accordingly.
Almost last section: insert all known transfer possibilities, if applicable, in this CTE Pathway/Program.
If a students' ICAP showed completing this Postsecondary Program as a goal, make Y to this answer.
Don't worry about the Legend codes.
Congrats! Your POS is complete.
It is required to have BOTH Postsecondary and Secondary representatives sign and date this form before submitting it to your designated Program Director for Approval (see map in next slide).
Jennifer Girvin
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