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Career Shadowing!

April 16th, 2010

Dustin White

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing!

Career Shadowing 2010! Dustin White
April 16th, 2010 JBT Food Tech.
Debbie Letchworth JBT FoodTech Logo Me in Front of the entrance In 15 years this company is planning to still be the leading citrus extractor and have more improved products. The starting pay for beginners is approximately 28 thousand to 30 thousand a year with 2 years of high school education and a business degree. I would pursue a career with this company because I think it is interesting to be able to create parts on the computer and then build them for your work, and to also work with the machines to make orange juice. The technology used most in the job is the computers, email, word, excel and some AutoCAD.
In the next picture he is teaching me how to create 3-D models on the computer. What i liked best about this job was to be able to create and print 3-D figures off the computer on to the paper for the people in the shop to build. What i disliked most about ths job was there was so many drawlings and you had to sort though all of them to find the one that somebody wants. Me and my mentor. In the volt The purpose of this company is to process a ECR (Engineering change request) and send updated drawlings of new, or old parts and then send them down to the shop floor and all vendors and companys that make there parts or that they can update there machines. The main skills needed for this job are you have to be familiar with operating a wide format printer.(30 in. wide with 500 ft. roll)
Also you have to be able to work well on all microsoft word programs and exel such as for when you draw or print the new/updated drawlings.
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