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Coaching Techniques

Explore different coaching techniques and why we use them in the workplace

Mike Thompson

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Coaching Techniques

Coaching models
Introduction to Coaching Techniques
Why use coaching?
any questions
Why we use coaching in the workplace
exploring coaching techniques & models
delegates will have a better understanding of the benefits of coaching and have the chance to implement these models in their work environment
cLEAR Model

C = Contracting - opening discussions, setting scope, establish outcomes

L = listening - active listening helping coach & coachee develop understanding of situation

E = exploring - helping coachee to understand personal impact, challanging coachee

A - action - supporting coachee in choosing a way ahead

R = review - coach encourages feedack from coachee, reinforce ground covered
grow model
you will now have a brief understanding of how to use coaching models whilst in a work environment and the benefits of this
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