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Naomi Klein


amy minsky

on 1 December 2009

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Transcript of Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein Activist, brand or teenager in disguise? No Logo = Activist Manifesto Epitomizes protest movement Companies & corporations Free trade Global integration Serendipitous release Nov. 30 1999 CAPITALISM They don't want N
n Tokyo sweat shops child labour She doesn't mention Capitalism has reduced poverty & child mortality Any solutions, trade-offs or alternatives Disneyesque
utopia world where poor people don't lose their jobs
where people don't have to work for low wages (by our standards) Multinationals are not government
Governments have control over their citizens' lives
Governments regulate businesses From the Economist, November 7, 2002:
"Ms Klein, by her own account, was a late developer as a social revolutionary. Growing up in a family of activists and campaigners, her teenage rebellion took the form of devotion to the shopping mall and willing enslavement to the tyranny of the logo. When her youthful idealism kicked in, its strength and durability more than made up for its delayed onset. In her 30s, Ms Klein has all the incoherence and self-righteous disgust of the alienated adolescent." So instead of constructive thought, we get "anti-corporate resistance that will reshape society in the next 10 years." "It wasn't a skirmish or an opening salvo, but a manifesto etched in the streets by tens of thousands of people." -Adbusters (in reference to "Seattle Rebellion") -Adbusters (in reference to "Seattle Rebellion")
Not a justification of the state of the world or the power corporations have.
I'm presenting a side of the story which Klein neglected DISCLAIMER: Where
are the
now? Our lives
Our careers
Our country
Our world Naomi Klein's representation of the movement, though factually accurate, is misleading media is not immune to corporatization
can we do something to fight
or will we just become pawns
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