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Enigma machine

No description

katie straw

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Enigma machine

an enigma machine
two Dutch Naval officers
invented a machine to
encrypt messages.
This became known as
the Enigma machine.
Arthur Scherbius
Arthur Scherbius, a
German businessman,
patented the Enigma
enigma codes
a German traitor told Rejewski
that the Germans routinely
changed the daily key indicator
setting for the codes.
enigma machone

mass production of Enigma
machine with 30,000 machines
being sold to the German
military over the next
2 decades.
mid 1920's
Enigma machine
by Katie straw
marian rejewski
The Poles set up a world leading
crypt analysis bureau and
hired leading mathematicians
such as Marian Rejewski.
mid 1920's
mid 1920's
marian rejewski
and an enigma machine.
Marian Rejewski built
his own model of the
Enigma machine
without having actually
seen it.
some different styles
of enigma machines
To find the daily key, Rejewski build
6 replicas of the Enigma machine
and connected them.
The new machine could run through more than 17,000 indicator settings. He called this machine, ‘the bomb’.

"the bomb"
The bomb was used to secretly read the traffic from the German Enigma machines for several years.
people working with
the machines
Germans added two new roters into the Enigma machine. This made it harder for the Poles to read the traffic
The Poles asked their allies, Britian and France to help them with the analysis and codebreaking of the German messages.
codes on enigma
The British smuggle out the Enigma replica machines two weeks before Germany invaded Poland
british soldiers
in WW2
The smuggled Enigma replicas were taken to the British code . and cypher school at Bletchley Park.
bletchley park
Alan Turing, a British mathematician at Bletchley Park thought of a different way of using the ‘bombs’ for testing the German codes.
Alan Turing
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