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Karaoke shop


Dennis Setiawan

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Karaoke shop

Company Profile
Our company was proffesionaly built to take the karaoke world onto the next level of entertainment ,especially in Indonesia.
Karaokeshop are the principle of karaoke product brand “hiland” from South Korea. Based on the years of experience we got and the strong team management in research and development division, we are now one of the biggest supplier of karaoke equipment in Indonesia that you can trust.
Concept & Idea
Home Theater Concept
Player karaoke inul joyful H-5000
Proland DSP – 3000
Hiland speaker HL 1010L
Speaker satelit
Hiland subwoofer 12”
AV Selector
Hiland Mic HMJ4
Bracket Speaker 10”
Karaoke in Box (Starbox)
Futuristic design
Outdoor compatibility
Mobile Karaoke
Mini Karaoke INUL JOYFUL F-1
Compatible with EKSTERNAL HARD DISK (optional 1 T )
Can be installed on every car using adaptor /DC-12 volt
Portable – can withstand car shock
Applicable w/o wireless mic
Variable color : Silver & Black
Enjoy your travel with the best sound quality you ever imagine
Mini Karaoke Player joyful F-1
Head Unit w/ AUX plug-in
Head Rest M-Tech 8”/Roof monitor
Pre-amp (optional)
Audio system “rumah ibadah”
Speaker HL1010 (customized)
Accessories (mic,bracket,etc)
The concept
Bussiness & opportunity
Profitable bussiness without franchise fee, royalty, or even sharing profit.
A system that already proven and highly recommend for investor
Small investment per outlet
Multiplied your income, Break Even Point(BEP) only in 1 year
Revenue in cash. Cut of the risk of loan problem
Fast growth bussiness that keep track on world trends
The opening process for the outlet is quick and easy
Free training seminar from Star Box team management.
the Benefit ?
Estimation profit
New Box investment @ Rp 35.000.000,-
1 song @ Rp 3.000,-
Estimated song per-day = 60 song
So,1 day profit @ Rp 180.000,-
1 year profit per box @ Rp 64.800.000,-
Operational cost
Sales & Admin 2 person = Rp 2.400.000,-
1 year fee = Rp 28.800.000,-
leasing,installation,maintenance/ year = Rp 48.000.000,-
Total fee per Year @Rp 76.800.000,-
so,BEP ?
BEP Calculation in 1 year :
minimal investment = 3 box/ outlet
Profit per Box – (investment + operational cost) = BEP
(3x 64.800.000) – (105.000.000 + 76.800.000) = Rp 12.600.000,-
Profit next Year: 194.400.000 - 76.800.000 = Rp 117.600.000,-
The Presentation Mic
Presented By....
star-box sample in CKG
Product preview
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