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Mississippi State University

No description

Kingsleigh Havens

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Mississippi State University

ground, buildings, and facilities
campus map
President, provost, purpose
president: Mark E. Keenum
provost: Dr. Jerry Gilbert
purpose: to make the school year great!
History 1
MSU began as the Agriculture and Mechanical College of the State of MS. February 28, 1878 it was created by the MS Legislature. In 1887, Congress passed the Hatch Act, which provided for the establishment of the Agriculture Experiment Station in 1888. In 1917, the Smith-Hughes Act provided for the training of teachers in vocational education.
Phone number and Location
25 Old Main, 101 Montgomery Hall Mississippi State University, MS 39762
(662) 325-2323

Mississippi State University
given purpose or mission
To educate everybody in their major
History 2
Agriculture Experiment Station was in 1887. College of Engineering was in 1902. College of Agriculture was in 1903. School of Industrial Pedagogy was in 1909. The school of General Science was in 1911. The College of Business and Industry was in 1915. The MS Agricultural Extension Service was in 1915. The Division of Continuing Education was in 1919.
195 Magruder St.
53 Morgan Ave
70 Morgan Ave
A.B. Mckay Food Research and Enology Lab
Academic Computer Labratory
Agricultural and Biological Engineering Building
Aiken Village
Compare and Contrast
It is today an Doctor Degree College. Before it was an Agricultural Engineering College
Admission Requirements
2.0 GPA on the 30-hours of courses.
English Composition- 6 semester hours
Natural Science- 6 semester hours
Humanities and Fine Arts- 9 semester hours
Social or Behavioral Sciences- 6 semester hours
General Liberal
Interior Design
Poultry Science
Landscape Architecture
Landscape Contracting
Animal and Dairy Science Major
Major I am in interested in
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