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Cultural Diffusion

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Lauryn Saengchanthavong

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Cultural Diffusion

Cultural Diffusion
By: Lauryn Saengchanthavong

Positive Effect
Independent Invention
Independent invention is the alternative. Here, as example, the bow was invented by a number of people in a number of locations. While Edison "invented" the light bulb, Bell The telephone and the Wright brother's the airplane, they really improved on an existing device or were the ones that got the credit. Bell and Elisha Gray had a long battle over the patent to the telephone. Part of the Wright brothers claim to "first to fly" involved the condition by which the Wright Flyer was donated to the Simthsonian.
What is it?
Cultural Diffusion is spreading an ideas or products from one culture to another. Some of the ways that this contact happens are war, trade, and exploration.
Effect Of Cultural Diffusion
Negative Effects
Cultural diffusion can have both positive and negative effects but it's mostly positive. Why it's positive is because you can learn new things.
For example, when the French explorers met new tribes in North America, they brought many new foods back to Europe but left smallpox and the natives...
One negative effect on cultural diffusion is when English is spread out to other states and countries and then they start to speak English a lot. Then their native culture language is gone or dead.
One positive effect of cultural diffusion is when other culture spread their ideas and then they can get stuff to offer to the world when they all get together.
A good example of this is said to be paper. Ts'ai Lun (aka Cai Lun) is often credited with inventing paper in 105 AD. From there it spread. The evidence shows that he improved the way paper was made and that technique was what spread.
As the civilizations, any invention will spread from it's source thoughout the world. In some cases it will be reverse engineered and copied without giving credit (or money) to the true inventor. The cotton gin is one great example.
Cotton Gin
Cultural Borrowing
Cultural borrowing is taking ideas, customs, and social behaviors from another culture or civilization. THIS IS NOT CULTURAL DIFFUSION!!!
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